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Our Favourite FW18 Campaigns and What They Tell Us About Modern Society

Our Favourite FW18 Campaigns and What They Tell Us About Modern Society

Every ad we see, every campaign, every visual we come across on media platforms tell us something about our understanding of the world around us. The Fall/Winter fashion campaigns for 2018 are no exception. At an age of fake news, we see that an increasing number of brands are steering away from glossy, perfect and controlled advertising, focusing more on speaking to the consumer’s heart, with authentic imagery and credible stories.


Why do certain campaigns speak to us? How do they mirror our surroundings and inner feelings? We have rounded up our favourite fashion campaigns of this season that mirror modern society in the most honest of ways.

#1 Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s Fall/Winter 2018 campaign visualizes the American landscape in an otherworldly, futuristic setting. As Raf himself states: “The Fall 2018 collection is an allegory for a meeting of old worlds and new worlds, relating to the discovery of America, the 1960s Space Race and the twenty-first century information age.” At a time of social and political upheaval, there lies an uncertainty and fear of America’s future. The campaign, captured by the Belgian photographer Willy Vanderperre, explores the notion of change with an undiscovered landscape and alienated models. With the Trump era dominating the land where dreams are made, the fundamentals of the American society is at risk. With its Fall/Winter 2018 campaign, Calvin Klein illustrates the survival of these uncertain times with the celebration of freedom, diversity and hope for the time ahead.

#2 Missoni

Missoni’s Fall/Winter 2018 campaign explores individualism and freedom of being; which plays into the concept of meaningful consumption. In a time where we feel the need to live up to a million different standards and still feel we aren’t good enough, we strive for humour, individuality and spontaneity. The campaign video stars top-model Gigi Hadid and French male model Yassine Rahal. The vibe is playful while the models sport Missoni’s latest collection, featuring heavy knitwear and patchwork prints inspired by the colors of Jamaica. The relaxed vibe of the campaign’s visuals gives the consumer a sense of freedom and disconnection, which is exactly what makes us feel content in a daily life filled with never ending to-do lists.

#3 Prada

This season Prada takes us to 80’s Las Vegas with its latest campaign Neon Dream. The video features Hollywood actress Sarah Paulson and model Amanda Murphy, where Murphy plays the mysterious heroine and Paulson represents multiple incarnations of one character. The campaign is showcasing reality in a dream-like state, and it’s giving us all sorts of Mulholland Drive vibes. The mysterious and sensual Murphy moves her way through the fluorescent and crazy night of Las Vegas while being in full control of her surroundings. The character of Murphy acts as a symbol for the unafraid woman, ready to tackle any obstacle that comes in the way of her dreams. The neon colours give an effect of hyperreality, reflecting a generation where no dreams are too big or too crazy. The campaign makes us want to embrace our dreams, no matter how far away and or unachievable they may seem. While watching the video we wander off into a fantasy world, desiring a fake reality – a reality of mystery and excitement where anything can happen.

#4 Moncler

#MONCLERBEYOND celebrates nineteen individuals – from actors and musicians to activists and athletes – who’ve forged their own path in life. The featured subjects speak on following your dreams, taking action and going that extra mile to reach your full potential. The campaign is visualized through a classic black-and-white color scheme, showcasing the characters in a natural state that reflect our craving for visuals that feels real; real people, real stories, real experiences. The casting of the campaign is also notable, representing people of every age, gender, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation and passion. The statement beyond limits also echoes a feeling of togetherness, representing the blurring of lines between the world’s different cultures and societies. Digitalism makes up a socially intertwined and borderless global community, where our collective cultural identities are less about where we are from and more about what we believe. #MONCLERBEYOND inspires us to live a more meaningful life, while embracing the diversity of the world.

#5 Jil Sander

For Jil Sander’s Fall/Winter 2018 campaign, the acclaimed film director Wim Wenders directed the short film Passing Time. The short film portrays a surreal setting, where the characters are caught in a time loop of repeating scenarios, only differing by changes of outfits and emotional responses from the protagonists. “The spirit of our new collaboration with Wim Wenders is that of expression,” said designer Luke Meier. “The fact that you can change the feeling of your mood in an outward form through clothing, color, fabric. The curiosity of routine. The interest in something right in front of you that you may or may not notice. The interaction with people who are there beside you throughout your life. Comfort, but at the same time mystery. And finally, the immediate moment when so many questions are simultaneously answered,” he continues. The campaign film visualizes our daily routines and highlights the characters’ presence, initiating how to be more conscious of the little things that you might oversee in your daily life. Passing Time reflects on how to feel alive in a fast-paced society that never seems to have time to stop; stop and breathe the fresh air, appreciate your surroundings and take time to be thankful.

by Cleo Boland
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