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Out With The New, In With The Old? NBGA’s Guide To Vintage Store Gems

Out With The New, In With The Old? NBGA’s Guide To Vintage Store Gems

As sustainability and climate change remain key focuses of our generation, fashion lovers everywhere are looking for ways to help neutralize our carbon footprint. One of the most stylish is to cut down on fast fashion and reimagine the millions of items already produced.

Who really needs new clothes when we have a whole archive of Gaultier, Galliano, and icons of the like. To spare you the time of doing all the hardcore research, we’ve created you a quick list of our favorites to get you started.

Spanning across big and small, online and in-person. Whether you’re looking for yourself or gifting loved ones, there should be at least one favorite for everyone!

Vestiaire Collective

One of our more established faves is Vestiaire Collective. A wide-based network of all the shoes, bags, and accessories a gxrl (and boy) could dream of. Similarly to The Real Real, people globally post their preloved goodies to be authenticated before their delivery to their new home. 

A word to the wise: always lookout for the ‘trusted seller’ or ‘expert seller’ badges. It reduces the chances of a ‘what I ordered vs what I got’ scenario.

The Real Real

Founded in 2011, The Real Real has formed a cult-following and brand partnerships that include the likes of Burberry. More recently, as part of the #carbonneutralchallenge, they have vowed to reach carbon neutrality by 2021.

On top of its worldwide distribution, the company also has 3 stores in New York and Los Angeles for those that prefer a brick and mortar experience. From home decor, fine art, and jewelry, The Real Real is a one-stop-shop for all that you need.

Serotonin Vintage

If you’re a Londoner, then I have no doubt that at one point you’ve strutted down Brick Lane looking for some hidden gems. I really hope you found them because sis, I can relate.

As someone who has an obsession for monograph, and for some reason for late prints, Serotonin always has me feeling like a kid in a candy store. Every time without fail. So, if this sounds like you, Serotonin Vintage is the store that you need. Chock full of bargain deals of rare pieces, you can achieve all your edgy bad gal goals.

The Rogue Supplier

So this is where we narrow into bags. You see that Nylon Prada bag that literally everyone and their sister has? The one that sparked such an IG outrage that Prada re-released a limited edition belt bag version that I absolutely need? This is where you get it in all its colors and hues.

Scrolling through their page, you’ll find everything from Dior saddles to Fendi baguettes and Louis Vuitton pleatys at reasonably affordable prices. As you can imagine, these bags move quickly. So, while some in their grid might still be available, one thing I’d advise you to do is to turn on notifications for their post. It’ll for sure help you secure the bag

Treasures of NYC

You want to know what Kourtney Kardashian and I have in common? Treasures of NYC. Not that I’ve ever bought anything from them, but with the way their timeline is posted up, I will do sooner than later. 

Edging into higher price points, you can secure bomb ass Chanel co-ords or denim Dior bikinis. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, their handy navigation page helps narrow down the options between brands and categories.


It’s no secret that Australia has arguably the best shopping scene ever. Irvrsbl is further evidence of that. Stocked with all the top-shelf brands like Mugler, Galliano and Gaultier, it’s almost surprising how affordable some of these pieces are. 

Not to seem ungrateful. I’m sure it’s safe to say we all stan a bargain purchase. The brand prides itself on the curated pieces selected to “fit neatly within a contemporary wardrobe” of it’s “fashion-forward shoppers”, which is clearly depicted by their profile.

El Cycèr Vintage

In my opinion, El Cycèr is where both stylists and shopping addicts bond over extremely rare items that only the former have access to. A dope feature of El Cycèr is their archival collection that allows items to be loaned for editorial and print shoots or red carpets looks. 

Throughout the website, you can find several limited edition pieces that include the iconic Gucci thongs from the Tom Ford era. Covering the fashion categories purely, El Cycèr offers the perfect statement pieces for every event.

As a true millennial, I consider individualism a part of my DNA. A concept I don’t believe fast fashion promotes. But outside of my personal disdain for uniforms, recent years have showcased the detrimental effect that the fashion and beauty industries can have on the environment.

Remember when Burberry went viral for burning what was valued to be millions of dollars in stock to prevent lowering its brand value? Situations like these aren’t – or now, hopefully, weren’t – one-off. Despite feeling beyond our control, our lifestyles ultimately determine how these industries work.

In the spirit of shopping smarter, more efficiently and getting those rare and dope cops, consider these changes you can make. And when you do find those purchases, remember who put you on.

by Kamara Hakeem-Oyawoye
Cover Image by Dior
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