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NBGA Astro: Powerful New Moon in Pisces March 2021

NBGA Astro: Powerful New Moon in Pisces March 2021

With Pisces in Venus and Neptune as well as the New Moon, it is time to embrace all things Pisces – emotions, imagination, romance and intuition. In addition, with this new moon coming right before the Spring Equinox, it is a truly significant time to shake off the old and bring in the new. 

The New Moon falls on March 13th, kickstarting the next lunar cycle which makes it the perfect time to clear your energetic palate and set new intentions. The New Moon occurs when the moon is not illuminated by the sun. The dark sky is a symbolic time for introspection, connecting to yourself and thinking about what it is you truly wish to manifest. 

Moon Reflection by Kathy Gail

Here’s how the New Moon in Pisces may affect you:

Emotional Deep Dive

As with all new beginnings, it often ushers in feelings of hope and excitement for the future but it can also be a heavy time in terms of clearing energy in order to make room for new things coming in. With sensitive and emotional Pisces, this New Moon is no exception. The Piscean energy could influence your ability to tap into your sensitivity and draw on your compassion more than usual, with others as well as yourself. When it comes to people that you may typically clash with, the Pisces New Moon brings in new perspectives, allowing you to apply more understanding and let anger and frustration go. 

The heightened emotions also illuminate new and higher perspectives on old issues that are now reaching completion. For some, this could be a very emotionally charged time where energy is truly clearing and you are able to see yourself with more compassion and forgiveness. It is a good time for affirmations, such as ‘I am doing and have always done the best I can, I am learning as I go, I am moving into a new phase.’ It’s also beneficial to see how far you’ve come and reflect on your growth and what you have learnt. 

If you are drawn to tapping into your emotional body, some new moon ritual ideas can include writing yourself a letter, offering compassion and love as if you were talking to a friend. You could also write a list of everything you were and everything you are now or would like to be. Allow yourself to tap into your emotional body and release, but do make sure you cleanse afterwards with a long shower and some sage, making space to usher in new energy after all the clearing!

Enhanced Intuition

Mystical and spiritual, Pisces energy is all about your intuition and following how you feel. In this New Moon, give yourself permission to turn away from logic and the finer details and allow yourself to feel through things. Observe how you may feel around certain people, or cultivate this energy to help with decision making. If you are torn between a few options, it is a good time to ditch the pro’s and con’s list and instead opt for a ‘how does this make me feel?’ list. Spend some time in nature, connect with your higher chakras and meditate; tap into the Pisces energy to get a feel of your next steps and what you are drawn to do.

It’s also an idea to keep a notebook handy for any sudden inspiration and insights – give yourself space to be still and allow the intuitive prompts to come in this New Moon! It could also be a great time to reflect on the goals you set at the start of the year and trust your feelings and intuition to see if these goals are still working for you, or if you need to change course slightly in time for the new energy the Spring Equinox ushers in. 

Imagination to Manifest

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, Pisces people are pro’s when it comes to imagination and creating beautiful visualisations. This is a great way to manifest using the energy of the New Moon by using visualisation techniques to picture the ideal lifestyle you’d like or tap into Piscean artistry and spend the day creating a vision board of all your dreams and desires.

It may also be a wonderful opportunity to understand your ideas better by paying attention to your daydreams – are they revealing your deepest desires which you can now plant the seeds for and manifest? Tools like scripting – where you write out what you want as if it is already happening – is a powerful way to use your imagination and rewrite your story!

Romance – Manifest Your Ideal Love

Pisces energy is deeply romantic and this is an amazing time to manifest the love you want in your life. Embrace romance by bringing it into your environment – spray rose and jasmine, buy beautiful fresh flowers for yourself, bathe in rose petals and watch a romantic movie. Perhaps combine the effortless ability to imagine along with romantic manifestations to write or visualise the kind of partner you want.

If you are in a relationship, connect more deeply to your partner this New Moon by experiencing emotional intimacy through talking about your feelings and embracing this beautiful sensitive energy. 

However this New Moon affects you, remember to go with the flow and embrace whatever this powerful and beautiful energy brings! 

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