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Premiere: Chi Virgo rides her own “Wave” in new video

Premiere: Chi Virgo rides her own “Wave” in new video

Model, singer, and all-around cool girl Chi Virgo is in a lane all her own, as shown in her latest visual for “Wave” Exclusively premiering on NBGA, “Wave” is an empowering and assertive expression of self-love. 

Chi Virgo photographed by Amy Peskett

“‘Wave’ is just about being comfortable in your skin, being carefree and enjoying your own company,” Chi said of the new single. The sentiments evoked in the lyrics stem from her path of self-discovery during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

The intimate video was filmed by Chuka ‘OTTO’ Okonjo and co-edited by him and Chi. “I just wanted it to be organic; we shot it very spontaneously,” she told NBGA.

The ethereal sounding track is the follow-up to Chi’s 2020 EP under the moon. In the trippy, kaleidoscopic visual, Chi playfully dances around her bedroom and instructs naysayers not to slow down her momentum.

Check out the video below:

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