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Princess Nokia | Rapper

Princess Nokia | Rapper

Destiny Nicole Frasqueri aka Princess Nokia is the Puerto Rican and Taino rapper using her voice for both music and advocacy. Whether she is talking feminism, discussing the effects of gentrification or preventing racists from getting away with their bullsh*t (please see soup incident), the singer is not afraid to speak her mind and is letting her presence be known. In a interview with Refinery29 she states,“I really hope that what girls convey from my music […] or even from my actions is that it’s okay to be unapologetic as long as you do it with dignity.”

For many girls of color, being unapologetic is a process – unlearning to constantly apologize for who we are, how we speak or how we look is developed through time. Watching artists of color not give a damn about fitting a specific mold and moving forward with pride for who they are can be a source of inspiration towards self-love and acceptance for many.

Frasqueri’s approach to beauty and personal style is another reason to be crushing hard on the singer. A fan of prints, baggy jeans and gold jewelry, Frasqueri blends feminine touches with masculine pieces to create a perfectly swirled aesthetic – a versatility that is evident in both the artist’s music videos and personal life. Her playful approach to design encourages experimentation and is a welcome reminder to never take ourselves too seriously, especially when it comes to fashion.

by Carolina Ramos
Pictures by Petra Collins (for office magazine)
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