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Rihanna Fronts Edward Enninful’s First Vogue September Issue

Rihanna Fronts Edward Enninful’s First Vogue September Issue

When Rihanna’s picture from her latest Vogue cover shoot popped up on my Instagram feed, I literally screeched. I’m a Rihanna junkie and, sure, her occasional Insta story makeup tutorials give me life, but they’re not a big enough fix to fully calm my Riri-abstinence.

2017 and 2018 has seen a lot of changes in the fashion industry, with Virgil Abloh taking over the heritage brand Louis Vuitton and Edward Enninful taking over as editor-in-chief at British Vogue, which means that two black men are at the helm of an otherwise very white fashion industry.

Edward Enninful already made history when choosing to feature mixed-raced Adwoa Aboah on his first ever Vogue cover. But unless you’re a fashion industry rookie, you know it’s the September issue that really counts. In the words of Enninful himself; “As you know, September issues are important in the fashion world, our largest and most lavish of the year and a real statement about what the coming months will bring. With this one being my first as editor-in-chief, I was determined it would be something special.”

Styled by Edward Enninful and photographed by Nick Knight, Rihanna is shot wearing elaborate flower ornaments, couture dresses and a vintage-inspired makeup look. Her eyebrows are remarkably thin and arched, á la Edith Piaf, with lips painted in burgundy red, courtesy of Fenty Beauty, of course. Only Rihanna would make sure to launch a beauty brand and have it become a crucial element on the cover of the September issue of Vogue in less than a year.


Rihanna shared the news on Instagram with the caption “thank you for considering me.” Girl, you weren’t considered – you were headhunted. A notion that Enninful confirms himself; “As for the cover? I always knew it had to be Rihanna.” He continues, “A fearless music-industry icon and businesswoman, when it comes to that potent mix of fashion and celebrity, nobody does it quite like her. No matter how haute the styling goes, or experimental the mood, you never lose her in the imagery. She is always Rihanna. There’s a lesson for us all in that. Whichever way you choose to dress the new season, take a leaf out of her book and be yourself.”

Fashion advise to live by, this and every season. *meticulously plucking my eyebrows into thin, arched bows*

by Michelle Hallstrom
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