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Rombaut is the vegan, Parisian luxe footwear brand saving the planet one step at a time

Rombaut is the vegan, Parisian luxe footwear brand saving the planet one step at a time

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Specializing in offering hybrid styles constructed from luxurious, plant-based materials, Rombaut is the name behind the chunky, recycled-fibre sneakers you’ve seen on Bella Hadid in her impossible candid shots or the apocalyptic latex knee-high sex boots you saw on FKA Twigs in that new 645AR video where she played the most gorgeous cam girl to have ever existed.

Generated in 2012 by Mats Rombaut (the genius behind the wicked heel-sneakers and lettuce slides), Rombaut shoes are products of heavy material research. Referring to their bold blending of styles as “cross-contamination,” Rombaut perfects distinctive and intensely chic construction, revolutionizing ‘ugly’ and recycling into something innovative, intriguing; a cross between edgy, millennial fashion and something else that we can’t quite put a name to. Each pair of Rombaut shoes is produced from anti-bacterial vegan leather, rubber-coated cotton and PU-based synthetics. Recycling is of the essence — the Bocaccio Cycle limited-edition sneaker was made from oceanic waste. Whether it’s via biodegradable sneaker soles or metal stiletto heels, the brand honors their commitment to science, innovation, and all the people with great working minds working to make real change possible.

Based in Belgium, Rombaut is sold in Comme Des Garcons, Tokyo, Browns, London, Tom Greyhound, Paris and Opening Ceremony, New York.

Fast fashion is a silent killer on a fast track to total destruction. Luckily, the industry is starting to awaken to this fact. Sustainable brands are the first good step.

Take a look at the extraordinary AW20 collection and the preview for the AW21 collection.

Rombaut in Dazed China @vitofernicola

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