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Russian model Lera Ábova shows us her UNFAMOUS wild side

Russian model Lera Ábova shows us her UNFAMOUS wild side

Lera Ábova is a powerhouse. Though the eccentric, cat-like actress slash model comes from a tiny Siberian village so small it’s not even “on the map,” you have most likely seen her face before. Photographs of Lera have been shared thousands upon thousands of times all over social medias such as Instagram and Tumblr and it was actually through Instagram that Lera caught the eye of French director Luc Besson, who you will recognize as the man who gave the world The Fifth Element (1997) and Léon: The Professional (1994), both of which went on to inspire a countless number of quasi-chic, last-minute Halloween costumes

Next, Lera takes center stage in the newest episode of “UNFAMOUS”—an intimately revealing and alluring episodic series helmed by the BYUS Collective based in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. BYUS introduces “UNFAMOUS” with the goal of showcasing important, intriguing, lesser known talents from all over the music, beauty, and art scenes. 

In today’s featured episode, directed by Yannick Müller and supported by Creative Director Anouk Jans, BYUS meets with Lera for two days in Berlin to explore the more private side of her personality. This episode deals with the simultaneous challenge/joy of embracing the natural turbulence of human emotions, the art of letting people go, and ultimately finding comfort in the eternity that exists within the act of loving anything.

Keep up with BYUS on their website and Instagram.

Check back with us next week for the next part of this inspiring series.

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