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Ruth Ossai’s photography is a splashy ode to 80s and 90s Nollywood

Ruth Ossai’s photography is a splashy ode to 80s and 90s Nollywood

From teaming up with the eccentric Kanye-backed Nigerian-born fashion designer Mowalola​ to working it behind the camera on Nike’s Women World Cup campaigns, ​Ruth Ossai’​s photography is a dynamic celebration of her Nigerian heritage. Ossai shoots from a perspective that uplifts the identity of whatever she points her camera at–mainly family, community members, and the sublime/familiar artistic pulses within everyday life. Raised in Anambra, Nigeria, the photographer began her career by recreating her favourite Nollywood scenes on her dad’s old-school Blackberry cellphone. This stylistic influence expanded into her ultimate photographic identity which reflects the ​strength, tenacity and ingenuity of eastern Nigerians in order to celebrate Nigerian identity and […] give visual insight to others​.

Ruth Ossai

Her work, of course, could not go ignored. It resonated strongly with fellow creatives Akinola Davies Jr​ and ​Ibrahim Kamara​ who share similar signature references to African culture in their own creative work. This link-up of great minds allowed Ossai to move into new circles and even put her on Rihanna’s radar!

Keep up with Ossai’s work on her ​Instagram​ and check out our favourite shots in the gallery.

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