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RZR Denim is reimagining an old classic with sexy, eco-friendly designs

RZR Denim is reimagining an old classic with sexy, eco-friendly designs

Maria Pearl is the twenty-something visionary behind @RzrDenim. Her struggle to find good denim jeans gave her the initiative to shred up and customise her own when the mainstream brands just weren’t cutting it. This multi-hyphenated boss has never feared to take an innovative approach to her creativity. It was all the way back in 2014 when she realised there was a gap in the market that she was able to fulfil:

…I really hated the way brands would fringe their denim, it looked very boring and I also didn’t like the fact that all denim looked the same. So I made it a point of duty to customize my own denim my own way. Then low and behold, later it became something I wanted to explore and let develop organically so I kept trying until I found a technique I was very happy with!

Maria Pearl talking to Blaized UK

RZR denim is her eccentric denim line that prides itself on unique, sustainable and conscious style. All RZR denim pieces are one-of-a-kind designs, made from high-quality, upcycled denim, customised and reworked by hand in London. As we enter a new age of fashion, it’s never been more important to make sure that materials are being sourced ethically. The emerging designer is very hands-on when it comes to her denim selection process, ensuring time and time again that only the very best denim is used.

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RZR CAM EP 3 Coming Soon ? ~ #RZRDENIM

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Using quality vintage denim from thrift shops, she upcycles with the current trends of fashion in mind. Whether that’s taking cues from the Y2K aesthetic, as seen in her most recent ‘2002’ drop, or the influencer loved two-piece set trend, she never fails to hit the mark. Her first line drop, ‘AURA’, offered us Y2K glitter, dreamy, bubble-gum vibes. The highly visual shoot came with a vintage 00’s inspired feel with hot-pink denim, ‘RZR’ printed playsuits and cropped jacket and skirt two pieces.

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“it was my mom’s in the 90’s” ?

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The latest 2002 collection, which drops on the 4th August, is inspired by the year that gave us Ashanti’s Foolish, Christina Aguilera’s Dirty, Motorola flip phones and the Kelly/Nelly love story that embellished our childhoods with a tangible aura of drama. Although it’s been dubbed as the worst year in fashion, Miss Pearl is reclaiming the date by adding her own spin to the mix – expect low-rise jeans, acid-wash cropped jackets, capris and short-shorts.

Shop the Rzr Denim 2002 collection now, and let us know what you think @nbga.mag.

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