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Sarah Feingold X NIKE | Daughters are on the move

Sarah Feingold X NIKE | Daughters are on the move

Most people associate running with working out. However, for me running isn’t only that – for me it is a lifestyle. It keeps me healthy, mentally and physically. It keeps me strong and sharpens my thinking. It gives me confidence to be the best woman that I can be every day.

I started running last year because I wanted to challenge myself and gain self confidence. At first, I couldn’t run for more than a mile without stopping short of breath. This was extremely difficult, and I knew I could do better. I started to slowly add more time to my runs every day, pushing myself little by little. Now, I run for miles without stopping.

Since the beginning of this journey, I’ve realized that running helps me think creatively and sparks the best ideas. It balances my energy, which helps me in my every day life.

I’m in tune with my mind, body and emotions. It allows me to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I like to run alone when I need distance from the world. Running is a way for me to re-charge my batteries. But, running is also a social moment for me. I am inspired by other athletes around me and I like to pass this inspiration on:

I would love to share my passion for running with you and run together. Nike and I teamed up and planned three ‘Just Do it’ Sundays in Berlin!

Join me at the JDI Sundays (listed below), and stay tuned for more info coming on April 13!

I’m hosting the events on:

1. April 23

2. May 21

3. June 11

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