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Sarah Nicole François’ 3D world is sexy, fluid, and fierce

Sarah Nicole François’ 3D world is sexy, fluid, and fierce

Enigmatic as she is illusive, Sarah Nicole Francois is the provocatively powerful digital artist changing the entire game. 

Amassing an incredible Tumblr following, this is rivalled only by her 18.6K followers on Instagram, where she shares moments from her carefully curated creations. Dabbling in social media content, You-Tube, and even launching her own sports-wear brand, there is nothing this Haitian-American icon cannot do.

Blurring the lines between selfhood and projection, her most notable works are her 3D avatar / AI creations. Notably, her self titled alter ego “Lil Sarah” resembles a meticulously sculpted god-like figure. Here, her impressive portfolio is something akin to a gothic digital renaissance. Somewhere between an Insta baddie meets punk, her shaved headed, tattooed, eye-liner donning figures are sensual, scary, and surreal – but above all unforgettable. 

Her work is so much more than creating avatars, though. She guides her viewers to consider the dichotomies of the digital age with subtle nuance. Propelling us to consider the binaries between self and image, between reality and digital otherness, between the fantasy and the projections we propel online. 

She allows you to wander far enough into her dark digital landscape, just enough to ponder these questions, but retains an aura of mystery that is compelling. Collaborating with the likes of Solange, Pornhub, and Brooke Candy to name a few, Sarah Nicole Francois is the defining cultural reset of 2020, and our forever style inspo. 

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