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Sean Brown’s luxe CD rugs are way ahead of the curve

Sean Brown’s luxe CD rugs are way ahead of the curve

If you’re in the market for a new standout element for your home, Sean Brown has likely conceptualized something for you. Upon an initial visit to his website Curves by Sean Brown, the curation and art direction instantly draw you in. Curves is part shop, part gallery, part blog; the Toronto creative defines the digital space as “an outpost of expression and opinion.” Yet for the viewer, the site will likely provoke personal inspiration and a new purchase for the living space.

Brown is the designer of those handmade CD-shaped rugs that have taken the internet by storm. The artist magnified a handful of his favorite albums for the love of home decor, including Sade’s 1992 masterpiece Love Deluxe, People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (the debut album of hip-hop legends A Tribe Called Quest), and The Love Below (Andre 3000’s contribution to Outkast’s 2003 double LP). The statement art can also be displayed hanging from the wall — talk about a centerpiece! An exploration of the Curves shop further reveals that Brown has crafted a larger collection, extending to incense, CD sticker packs (this time, sized to scale like the real thing), and 500 piece puzzles of his photography.

Much of Brown’s art pulls from the surrealism of the late 1990s and early 2000s — and he directly pays homage to the legends before him through his designs. Surrealism was particularly notable throughout the videography of Hype Williams and his iconic, avant-garde visuals directed for the likes of Missy Elliott, TLC, and the Bad Boy Records family. Brown has designed a reusable grocery tote with various stills from Williams’ music videos as a thank you. “If it wasn’t for the era of shiny suits and fisheye lenses, I don’t even think I would’ve pursued a career in the arts,” Brown states in the product description. With Curves by Sean Brown, the artist offers consumers a feeling of nostalgia and a comprehensive peek into his own archive of influence.

Check out more of Brown’s artwork and inspiration here. Now tell us, which classic CD rug are you adding to your cart? We’re torn between Sade, Andre, and the Queen Bee.

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