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Self-care on the go: 5 apps that will change your life

Self-care on the go: 5 apps that will change your life

Technology and the lengths it can take us never fails to amaze me. First it was the Internet, then Instagram and now on call beauty apps. It’s actually never been easier to get a fancy blow-out, dreamy manicure and a relaxing message all from the comfort of your bed, and all at once if you really wanted to! The following five apps are pioneers when it comes to match-making technology with beauty – two words that don’t often appear in the same sentence! These are the beauty innovators of the future, and it’s all for the benefit of you. Whether it’s a hairstyle for a last minute event, or your fave nail salon is all booked up, or you’re simply in need of some good ol’ fashioned TLC, these apps have you covered – no matter where you are! You’re welcome.


What: The Instagram of beauty treatments –  Beautystack allows you to see it, like it and then book it. It’s your opportunity to book trending beauty treatments with beauty pros in make-up, nails, wigs, lashes and much more. Beautystack is also committed to helping give emerging beauticians a platform to start their business. It’s an app that gives back in more ways than one, so go check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Where: UK.

Urban App

What: The no stress way to book a wide varity of treatments – from massage, nails and skincare to osteopathy, physiotherapy and personal training all in the comfort of your home, office or hotel. Urban has something for everyone, so challenge yourself to try out a new form of excercise or treat yourself to a relaxing home massage.

Where: UK & Paris.


What: The brighter way to treat yourself to all your hair and beauty needs – 24/7! With thousands of venues and reviews to look through, you know you can trust the service you’re going to get on Treatwell. You can book and rebook or reschedule for any time, making it the perfect tool to work around you and your schedule, wherever you are. 

Where: Europe & UK.


What: An on-demand one of a kind beauty service enjoyed by the likes of Jordyn Woods and Refinery29’s Serena F*cking Kerrigan. Enjoy treatments from some of the best beauticians in America, book appointments with as little as an hour’s notice or up to 3 months in advance and opt for services at home in your dressing gown, or in your 9-5 business suit – the choice is yours! Glamsquad technology is built around you and promises a bespoke experience for each individual customer, no matter where you’re based. 

Where: USA.


What: The app built to nurture your fitness, wellness and beauty needs. MINDBODY is committed to connecting you with the best wellness experiences. It’s important to take the time to reconnect with yourself and whether that’s through a yoga class, spa session or a mindful makeover – they have you covered, because you deserve it. 

Where: Worldwide.

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