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Shay Lia’s new EP comforts, romances, and empowers

Shay Lia’s new EP comforts, romances, and empowers

On September 25th, songstress and creator Shay Lia dropped her new EP Solaris, accompanied by a romantic and serene video for the tropical track Love Me, Love Me Not — a soothing, sensual track that mixes in enchanting visuals from a beachside sunset that looks like it’s materialized straight out of a daydream. The song itself carries the same energy of a beachside sunset. Her soft voice will comfort any listener and inspire you to move your body, or even add the perfect ambiance to a cozy night. 

Shay Lia said on her Instagram that Solaris is a new identity and sound, showcasing a side of herself that she wants to share. As for Love Me Love Me Not, the song and video allowed her to feel in the flow.

Love Me, Love Me Not has been a special song to me. It moves me and it brings me closer to myself and my honest experiences,” Shay Lia shared on her Instagram.

“When I put it on, it’s impossible not to dance and daydream. I was working through my movements in a session with @kiiraharper and it brought me back to the feeling of writing this song. It really felt like a day at the beach in Abidjan, something I was dreaming about in quarantine! My movements started to feel like my feelings flowing through my body – so my girl @caraz.director and I went to the beach with an amazing team to capture a freestyle session! I hope you feel warm, sensual and comforted when you watch this.”

Watching Shay Lia move and sing by the ocean as the sky turns purple and pink inspires such a freeing, energizing, and tender energy. If you could use some solace, tune in. 

Solaris also showcases the upbeat, party-style song Irrational, which infuses a cool ease over a sample of Junior Senior’s Move Your Feet. It explores the push and pull that comes with giving a romantic connection many “second” chances.

The track Mais Oui finds the singer more in control with lyrics in French and English, including empowering moments like “Start a fire / Tame ‘em all / I’ve been gunnin’ wheels / I don’t need fake love,” and “Bit your tongue / On my way out / Why you gon’ keep sticking around? / I’ll let you go.”

Then comes the inspiring, love-infused, dreamy song All Up To You, which was released in June. All Up To You encourages listeners to keep trusting their dreams, and that the vision’s realization is, as aptly titled, all up to you. “Oh baby they’re just intimidated / Stay elevated, you’re gonna win.”

Solaris will comfort you, empower you, and love you. Much like the clips of Shay Lia dancing by the ocean waves, her music inspires the romantic feeling of possibility. 

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