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Sies Marjan and Oscar de la Renta | Model Diversity and Gowns that Will Make You Swoon

Sies Marjan and Oscar de la Renta | Model Diversity and Gowns that Will Make You Swoon

Sies Marjan

Founded in 2016, the fairly new brand Sies Marjan made quite an appearance at NYFW. The Dutch designer Sander Lak is the man behind the brand, and has over the past few years made a name for himself through his colourful and experimental designs. The SS19 collection was inspired by the concept of home and family, which is a fundamental part of Lak himself and the Sies Marjan brand. The name of the brand stems from his parents, whose names are Sies and Marjan. Both Lak’s parents and upbringing have been a huge inspiration for his SS19 collection. Lak’s childhood was influenced by living in a number of different countries, which has made it difficult for him to grasp the concept of home. “This collection is about home: my new home, and in many ways my first home. The collection is just as much about my parents too. My father [Sies] and mother [Marjan], the life they had, and all that I was born into, Lak explains.

The aesthetics of the collection were all about tailored, flowy pieces in pastel and nude colours forming a contrast to more eccentric designs in fiery red, bright yellow and deep sky blue. The collection also involved a variety of different materials like leather, transparent plastic and silk, proving what Sander Lak does best; finding the perfect balance between texture and color.

Today Lak is based in New York, incorporating influences from all over the world into his brand. This was clearly visible at the fashion show too. The choice of cast pointed out Lak’s international family, with everything from his own mother to Kaia Gerber walking the runway. In Lak’s statement after the show, he explains that the collection’s cast were all made up of people that he loves and admires; friends, family and co-workers. “In a sense, this group is my home too,” Lak states.

Oscar de la Renta

Since joining Oscar de la Renta two year years ago, designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have rejuvenated the once “prim and proper” brand. Oscar de la Renta had previously been a brand that exuded tradition with tailored and classic styles. This season, Kim and Garcia presented a fresh new look for Oscar de la Renta’s Spring 2019 Ready-to-wear presentation, a collection perfect for our next sunny vacation wardrobe.

The designers were inspired by their recent travel destinations. Garcia ventured to India, and Kim explored Italy, Croatia and Marrakech. The two came back to America to create a collection of fringed, botanical-print dresses, sarong wraps, and pajama sets— garments designed for hotter days. The runway consisted of draping silhouettes, light fabrics and vibrant colours to remind us all that we would rather be relaxing on a beach.

Oscar de la Renta’s Spring collection was abundant with unique prints and flowing pieces that take us to warmer months but not all of de la Renta’s classic design features were absent. Kim revealed that she had utilized cloths from a textile mill in Como, Italy, that archives the late designer’s fabrics. The embroidered, bright red blooms on some of the showcased pieces come from vintage de la Renta collections, a beautiful homage to the late designer.

By Cleo Boland and Lindsay Selliah
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