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Stress-Free Resolutions | It’s Not Too Late for a New Year New You

Stress-Free Resolutions | It’s Not Too Late for a New Year New You

With the New Year already into full swing, you may have found that you’ve already failed some of your resolutions. But fret not darlings, as it’s not too late!


Somehow it’s never easy to stick to our resolutions, but is that because we’re being too hard on ourselves? So often we choose things to better ourselves, and yet it’s an attempt to subtract from our lives: Less eating-out, less spending, less procrastinating, and so on. But why not add? Here’s a list of late resolutions to implement without the daunting stress.

Add some indulgence

Adding indulgence doesn’t necessarily mean too many calories or spending too much money. It’s the simple things after all, right? Once a week, or even once a month depending on which indulgence you decide, set aside some time to treat yourself. Maybe you’ll set aside an hour of your week to devote to a coffee shop with your favorite latte or maybe you’ll set aside some cash to allot yourself a quick trip to your favorite boutique. What’s important is that you set aside some dedicated time to indulge. That way, you’re not feeling guilty about letting your vices get the best of you and you’ll know you have this special time to look forward to.

Call a friend

In today’s world, a quick response to an Instagram story or the ever constant group chat with our BFFs might make us the most connected generation yet. That said, with the hustle of everyday life we all endure, we may be communicating more, but maybe not as genuinely. Set aside the meme sharing for a bit and pick up the phone (you know what I mean). When was the last time you really got to spill your guts? There’s something therapeutic about a long phone call with a bestie. You might find that your friend also has a lot to get off their chest. It’s a win-win for both of you!

Eat the good stuff

Diets are often high on the resolution list. We try to eat cleaner and healthier at the start of each year, which can be great for our bodies and our minds. But sometimes, there’s a dragging sensation when we limit ourselves too much. We’ve heard of cheat day, but you don’t have to eat “junk” to satisfy your cravings (but you can if you want!) In the chaos of everyday life it’s easy to lose the pleasure of a meal. So why not treat yourself to a nice dinner once a week. This can mean whatever “nice” is to you. For some, this could be a meal at a favorite restaurant. For others, this could mean going all out on a home-cooked meal. And if you can, try to eat with a friend or loved one. Breaking bread with others truly is a source for comfort.

Try something new

Routine, routine, routine. Getting into a habitual routine can be very helpful to keep our busy schedules in check. But sometimes, the repetitiveness is recipe for burnout. Why not shake things up with a new activity! Have you been wondering what that spin class you’ve heard all about is really like? Go for it. Or, pick up a new hobby. As simple as picking up some needle and thread – you don’t know it yet but you could become Etsy’s next best crafter for the ages! Edging out of your comfort zone will leave you feeling adventurous and productive. What is there to lose?

Implement a schedule

Speaking of routines, even if we have one we can feel stressed. What if 2019 is the year you become a bullet journal person? Now, you don’t necessarily have to deck out a cute planner in order to maintain a steady paced and organized lifestyle, but it definitely can be fun. If you find yourself frazzled when you suddenly remember you have to get the rent check in or only have two days left to finish an assignment, try applying a schedule to even the littlest of tasks. Set aside 30 minutes just to run through your weekly tasks, and even set aside time for friends, movies, and fun activities. Life doesn’t have to revolve around chores!

Give in to the binge

A lot of New Year’s resolutions take away some of our fun. But what is life if we can’t blow off some steam? This year, why not give yourself some time to relax. Instead of worrying that you’re on your phone too much or stressing over the hours you spend on your couch watching Netflix, why not give yourself some time to do these things? We scroll and binge to relax and take off the day. If we weren’t so busy with life’s other requirements, we might not even find the same joy we do in these activities. So instead of being hard on yourself, try giving yourself time to chill. Just like scheduling an appointment to the doctor, schedule a marathon of Queer Eye. You deserve it.

by Candice Chantalou
cover photo: Getty Images
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