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Stripping Back During the Full Super Moon in Scorpio

Stripping Back During the Full Super Moon in Scorpio

Full moons are seen as a culmination point and a moment of illumination of everything that has and has not been working in your life. Scorpio is a sign of transformation, death and rebirth, intuition and intensity. As Queen of the shadow, this full moon encourages you to look into what’s hidden and expose it, so you can move forward into the wealth of abundance that is waiting for you once you take the step to look deep and let go. While it is an excellent time to look at everything that has not been working, it is also important to acknowledge all your wins from the past month and recognise the fruits of your labour. 

The first way to harness the energy of this full moon is to do what Scorpio loves to do; deep diving into your emotions, look beyond the surface and ask yourself the ‘why’ behind everything. Drawing on the razor sharp Scorpio intuition, this full moon is an opportune moment to expose and refocus your fears. Ask yourself why you feel the way you do, where it came from and then set it free. 

While taking stock of what doesn’t work, the energy of this super moon allows you to tap into Scorpio’s intelligence to consider how to innovate your life. As you move through your day, think about how you feel and whether this way of working and being is in alignment for you. Perhaps you may benefit from small tweaks to your routine. If you are too tired to cook in the evenings, for example, it may be beneficial to think about how you can adjust your day to make things work better. Scorpio looks for meaning, it is no longer time to settle and push through whatever you may have tolerated. This super moon will illuminate all areas that need adjustment in order for you to move from survival to thriving.

With the sun in Taurus, the building sign of the zodiac, everything that we initiated and had our attention drawn to during Aries season is now ready to be built upon. We are being urged to follow through and start working towards our goals, be it professional or personal. Thus, with this full moon we are being called to question what we are anchoring ourselves into and what holds longevity for us.

Whatever and wherever your life needs innovation, we are encouraged to push through. The grounding energy of the sun in Taurus allows us to self soothe while we push through the illumination of whatever uncomfortable feelings and revelations have been lying dormant. So pick your medicine – whether that’s a nice walk in nature, a long nap, movies or just calling a friend. While you face things head on, know that beyond the storm lies a treasure worth waiting for. 

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