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Susan Fang floats through a dreamlike state for LFW SS21

Susan Fang floats through a dreamlike state for LFW SS21

It’s London Fashion Week, baby! Susan Fang, Central Saint Martins alumni, delves into the concept of rebirth for her Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Based in both London and Shanghai, Susan Fang presents her first LFW collection titled AIR • BORN, which highlights new beginnings despite uncertain times.

Inspired by nature, Fang’s latest show takes viewers through the outdoors and floats through a dreamlike state, playing with the audience’s five senses using effects like rainbow light filters, sounds of pouring rain, and simulated fog. The designer also features live traditional instruments and dancers throughout the show as well.

Aside from the captivating set, Fang unveils her newest garments, crafted using hand-painted textiles. Fang beautifully ruffles watercolor-printed organza into flowy silhouettes, which are then tied off with deadstock marbles. The outfits are paired with handmade clogs, made using handcrafted knotting and crystal flower embellishments. With its soft color palette and intricate techniques, the designer creates unbelievably ethereal gowns, almost as if the dresses resemble flowers themselves.

Susan Fang takes elegance to another level when it comes to accessories. The theme of hope and rebirth also flows into breathtaking statement handbags. Using an olive branch and leaf motif for reference, Fang’s beaded marble bags incorporate repurposed beads and Swarovski crystals, and each piece is inscribed with optimistic words like “peace,” “hope,” “wisdom,” and “victory.” She also tops some looks with handmade resin hats, which were inspired by microscopic cells. Overall, Susan Fang’s latest collection is the epitome of a rainbow after the storm.

Watch the full presentation here.
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