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SZA is back and we’re absolutely obsessed

SZA is back and we’re absolutely obsessed

SZA surprises the public by announcing a new single titled “Hit Different” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, and it’s amazing. Not only did she release a single but a music video on top of that, giving us all the visuals and look that we needed.

First, let’s talk about the two orange monochrome outfits that are showcased at the beginning of the video. It’s safe to say that orange is SZAs color because she looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous. In both looks, she’s sporting orange cargo pants with one look in a light orange tie-dyed tank while the other in a bright orange tank that wraps around her torso. My favorite detail for both of these looks is the orange cloth wrapped around her and the dancer’s hands acting as gloves, can you say genius?

Next, we have SZA parading and dancing on top of a haystack, giving us the cottage-core aesthetic that we longed for. She wears an oversized two-toned shirt, with one side being tie-dyed and the other having a yin and yang “network master” graphic. She pairs the shirt with creme colored plants and what I believe is the Nike Shoxs.

And of course, I had to leave the best for last. SZA comes in with a gorgeous printed velvet button up from the brand Ottolinger. The beautiful artwork presented is done by Julien Ngvyn, a small upcoming artist. The top she pairs it with is an example of the patchwork trend that’s been happening this year, the colors contrasted on the top plays off each other perfectly! The vintage cargo jeans that she wears are designed by Marithé + François Girbaud a french brand known for their work with denim. Lucky for you, I was able to find the jeans her dancers wore in the music video.

It’s clear to say that SZAs comeback was a complete success! The visuals, the production, the choreography, and most importantly her VOICE were a hit all across the board. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see where this new era takes her. However, while we wait for more to come, don’t forget to stream “Hit Different” on all platforms!

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