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Tap into Pharrell’s fountain of youth with Humanrace

Tap into Pharrell’s fountain of youth with Humanrace

The human race is a species that has been given dominion over the planet with great collective power. No matter how different we look, we all share DNA.

Not the typical words you expect for the launch of a skincare brand, but what else is there to expect from Pharrell than the unusual? After conquering the music world and fashionverse, Williams has moved over to beauty – and lets be honest, we’ve all been waiting.

Working in collaboration with his long-term dermatologist, Dr Elena Jones, the polymath’s 3-step regimes been dubbed ‘The Three-Minute Facial.”

Starting with the Rice Powder Cleanser ($32), the product was attended to create an alchemical feel of transformation in the hands.

The powerful yet mild combination of glycolic acid and fruit AHAs in the Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator ($46) rids of all dead cells to reveal fresh skin protected by the antioxidant rich formulation. It also excludes any ingredients likely to cause micro tears in the skin commonly caused by physical exfoliators.

To top off all your new found goodness, the Humidifying Cream ($48) is designed to give the effect of being in a humid climate without being ht. Sealing in moisture with only the innovation we expect from the mega-pioneer.

Going beyond the European standards of 1,300 banned ingredients, all products within the range are vegan, fragrance-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free to make them a go-to for everyone. You could also snag all 3 in the Routine Pack for $100.

To tap into this fountain of youth, head over to to keep up to date on the restock!

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