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Telfar expands into the realm of luxury durags

Telfar expands into the realm of luxury durags

The Telfar DU-RAG, the U-RAG, the DO-U-RAG. It’s here, and the girls are going to purchase! The Bushwick birkin might have some competition in the accessories game, because Telfar is releasing durags in their next drop. 

The brand has expanded so much in just this past year alone and has received endless support for being the brand that is for everyone. The authenticity of Telfar’s message and cult it bag has increased sales to a point where their Bag-Security Program was a must to combat high volume demand and the resell culture. 

The durag is an accessory for people with Black hair, for styles like waves or to be worn for protecting their hair. Hopefully they will be sold out from Black consumers and not bots to resell them for a profit. Cross your fingers if you’re wanting one. On their instagram (the first sentence is a reference to their caption) it features a black male model with the blue, paisley print durag with the Telfar logo at the top of the head and the word “customer” four times at the bottom. On the website it features the same style durag in red and black, and then one in brown and black with the monogram printed all over. 

Now that the bag is secured, the durags might be too? We’ll just have to see, follow Telfar on their instagram if you don’t already to be on top of all their new drops. 

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