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The hottest beauty trends that ruled the runway at NYFW

The hottest beauty trends that ruled the runway at NYFW

When the world learned that this fashion month would be mostly virtual, designers and brands alike geared up for a challenge like no other. The show had to go on, and an obstacle was overcome. Once again, NYFW proved that there was nothing they could not do. From socially-distanced runways to IG Live shows, we were able to participate in a digital atmosphere of futuristic, colorful trends that excited us. With a global pandemic in tow, they adapted. Beauty was dared with a mask-filled world while also having to adapt to the “new normal”. From intense eye looks to glowing skin, here are some of our favorite trends we saw this NYFW.

Out-There Hair

With half of our face covered by the life-saving mask, designers showed that there was so much more we could do with our hair. During the pandemic, many have fulfilled their craziest, deepest hair desires. Some have dyed their hair a different color, and many have shaved their heads. Mullets are back in style and accessories are more popular than ever.

Courtesy of Collina Strada
Incredible Eyebrows

Again, if we can’t show our faces, we have to go all out when it comes to everything else. Another trend that began during the pandemic was treating our eyebrows as accessories. Painting them, shaving them, adding jewelry, feathers, you name it, there’s nothing you can’t do. At Collin Estrada, models wore beautiful fabrics on the windows to their eyes. We’re more than inspired and are currently looking pinning looks onto our ‘Eyebrow’ Pinterest boards.

Colorful, Head-Turning Eye Looks

How do you do beauty when you can’t do a bold lip, a fun blush, or a contour for the gods? You dress up the eyes with color. From graphic liner to bold eyeshadow, it’s no wonder that makeup artists worked with what they had this fashion week. With everything being fully online, it’s difficult to make a statement via the internet without a pop of color. We loved this look from Jonathan Cohen, where colourful eyeshadow stole the show.

Courtesy of Jonathan Cohen
No-Makeup Makeup

When we’re in a mask for most of the day, wearing a heavy foundation can mess with our skin more than it regularly does. With crazy contour in our rearview, makeup artists donned the best tool they had in their makeup kit: gorgeous, fresh skin. Here, it was important to prep the skin with a good HA serum and moisturizer, and then focusing on the eyes. At Jason Wu, our queen Indira Scott gave us face and skin for days.

Courtesy of Jason Wu
Long, Autumnal Nails For Days

This fashion week, long nails were trending almost as much as masks. We love a good nail extension and expressing our creativity through nail art. Even though this is a Spring/Summer season, we saw dark colors, from black to mauve painted across the hands of models everywhere. At Christian Cowan, edge and vibrance were shown at every turn.

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