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The beauty trends that you need to know about at MFW SS21

The beauty trends that you need to know about at MFW SS21

Predicting beauty trends in an unpredictable world (thanks to COVID-19, an unstable economic market, etc.) have allowed this fashion month to brew up creative capability like no other. Milan is known for its focus on bright, out-there garments but this time around, we were able to spot some obvious trends. Spring/Summer shows always give us bright hope and inspiration for the year ahead, something to look forward to when planning our future wardrobe. From wet hair to a red lip, here are some of our favorite trends we saw this MFW.

Slicked Back, Wet Hair

Milan is known for it’s sexy, youthful looks, and the wet hair trend is no different. This breezy, easy look can mirror a fresh out-of-the-shower look and can be replicated with running some gel through the hair as well. We loved how the wet look appeared at the Versace SS21 show (a tribute to Gianni Versace’s Trésor de la Mer collection), where models transformed into mermaids with a killer fashion sense.

The Classic Red Lip

The red lip is a go-to in any season, and with a chance to show the face for the first time in over six months, many brands opted to pair fun, flirty clothing with shades ranging from burgundy to coral. Dolce & Gabbana‘s version almost matched their clothing, which almost always mirrors their love for Italy.

Natural, Matte Highlighter

Shine for days! It’s almost impossible to create a natural-looking highlight, but in Milan where professional makeup artists are available to use their versions of paintbrushes on angelic-like models, anything can happen. At Fendi, there was a lot of natural beauty evident on the runway, but we noticed that a quick and easy contour can make all the difference when going for that no makeup, makeup look.

Peachy, Ethereal Glam For Days

Just like in New York and London, Milan played up the emphasis on natural beauty. In many shows, there was a heavy focus on showcasing the eyes with bright peachy pastels, whether in eyeliner or eyeshadow form. One of our favorites from MFW was this look from Etro, where a beautiful peach shade was used on both the cheeks and the lids.

Post-Apocalyptic Smokey Eyes

Ever see a film that takes place in the future where society is solely run by the government, and a chic heroine dressed in leather has black eyeshadow splattered over her lids? We think this trend may stem from the fact that we may be soon transitioning into some sort of futuristic society. This look (and several others from Valentino) utilized the color back in the form of eyeliner and eyeshadow for a dark, sensual vibe.

Courtesy of Valentino
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