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The Clothes I’m Wearing, I Bought It! | Destiny’s Child’s Most Iconic Looks

The Clothes I’m Wearing, I Bought It! | Destiny’s Child’s Most Iconic Looks

The 90’s gave us some of the most iconic music groups in history, and Destiny’s Child has a special seat reserved at that table. The group may have changed members over the years, but their coordinated aesthetic remained intact, all thanks to the real MVP Miss Tina Knowles (yup, Beyoncés mom designed most of the DC clothes.)


Their looks suited their too-cool-for-school songs, which served us timeless 90’s anthems. At the many events they attended as a group, they would rock precisely coordinated outfits. Now, it’s a little bit campy and perhaps unnecessary, but honestly, coordinated outfits are pretty fun! Embrace the theatricality, assemble your girl group, and check out some of their best looks below!

1. Yellow ‘fits and big hair

This is such a wonderfully retro picture for the OG Destiny’s Child lineup. Everything about this shot is giving me The Supremes realness. The pose, the trousers, the matching, and the volumized hair is a heavy nod to some of the original girl groups of the 60’s.

2. Rhinestone bras

What is most striking about these looks is obviously those glitzy rhinestone bras. They were fabulous on the red carpet and are equally so at your favorite summer festival! Beyoncé’s outfit was so great, it looks like she even recreated it for the Partition music video!

Image via: Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

3. Neon crop tops and low-cut jeans

Bright floral crop tops, jeans, body shimmer, and lots of bling = a solid summer going-out outfit recipe. Maybe you don’t want to replicate the exact style they’re rocking here but the foundation is pretty sweet. If somebody were to ask me what a typical early 2000’s look was, I would pull up this pic. More is more.

Image via: Al Pereira/WireImage/Getty Images

4. Turquoise and orange with LOTS of fringe

Sooo hear me out on this one. I know these looks are kind of atrocious. But you can’t deny how satisfying their outfits work together here! The descending hemlines paired with the boot length and jewelry is truly a work of art. Sure, turquoise and coral is a hard color palette to pull off… but you can’t deny that this ensemble is iconic af.

Image via: Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

5. Sparkly lace

This grown-up Powerpuff Girls moment is so fun! Sparkly everything sure was popular around the turn of the millenium, as modeled here. Perhaps it’s time for a comeback!

Image via:  Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

6. Curtain cloth

I like to imagine that Destiny’s Child’s stylist for this event was kind of like a hip Frauline Maria who created these Von Trapp children outfits out of like, the blingiest curtains in the world. Special shoutout to Beyoncé’s dress here though, that style is freaking awesome.

7. Say My Name Music Video

Ugh I live and breathe for every single outfit, scenery, hairstyle and dance move in the Say My Name music video. I’m sorry – does it get more iconic than this?

8. Black minimalism

This picture must have been taken right during the DC rough patch – before Michelle stepped in and saved the situation. But I’ll let you know one thing that didn’t need saving: theses amazingly minimalistic, 90’s ensembles. Could somebody please give me these exact outfits to wear every day for the rest of my life?

9. Golden dress with slit

DC pulled up at the 2002 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with outfits that put the other underwear-clad models to shame. Show them how it’s done Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle!

Image via: Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images

10. Tommy Hilfiger and denim

Last but not least, this Tommy Hilfiger logomania moment is everything a 2018 girl could want! The overalls and bandeau bras make for a super laidback and stylish summer uniform, and give a dash of pop star style to whatever you do!

by Madeleine Megargee
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