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The Early Aughts: From Hot To Not

The Early Aughts: From Hot To Not

“What goes around comes around”, and there couldn’t be a truer statement when it comes to the cyclical nature of fashion. As if all of a sudden, us 90’s babies are old enough to see the styles of our youth coming back around (some we’re more happy to see than others).

Our first look is Ms. JLo herself, arguably queen of the 2000s. And while we may not see this exact recreation anytime soon, you have to admit, prints are back in a big way—especially leopard. The 2000s were all about mismatched prints, but this might be one of the hardest trends to make its way back: Younger generations are loving their monochromatic solids (myself included). On the other hand, we’ve definitely seen over the knee boots on the rise again. Could it be because of a particular 90’s baby longing for the nostalgia of her youth? *Cough cough, Ariana, cough*.

The next look is understandably controversial. What did I say about the 2000s loving their mismatching? Mary J. Blige is a woman of elegance and taste so I can’t fault her—it was a sign of the times. The thing is, satin is back and I wouldn’t be surprised to find these pants hanging in a store now. We saw an increase in furs this winter too (although, they were definitely vegan). And the pointed toe shoe? It’s never going out of style.

Hard pressed to comment on Halle’s style, considering her blinding glow, but Halle Berry’s Catwoman premiere look was somehow both effortless and entirely of its era. Boho chic was the best way to get away with feeling comfy and looking sexy all at once. And frankly, I want this look to come back stronger and better than ever. To be ready for the beach and/or a red carpet all at the same time? Count me in.

Again, perhaps a divisive style, but I couldn’t help but include one of Gwen Stefani’s club kid looks. It is quintessential 2000s afterall. And while this look may look overly dated, its individual pieces have made their returns, re: facial gems, chunky sandals, space buns. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this outfit in a Coachella pic from the last couple of years. Gwen was paving the way for festivals years to come!

It would be criminal to have an article about the early aughts without mention of Destiny’s Child. Of course, you could have endless write-ups discussing their iconic looks throughout the years. I chose this particular photo because of the trends we’ve so clearly begun to see pop up again. Monochrome two pieces, off the shoulder tops, tube tops, sheer tops, and halters are sure to be seen at any store of your choice today. We stay stanning.

Kirsten Dunst, a golden child of the late ’90s and early 2000s, always baby-faced and demure. This look is no different. It’s subtle yet sexy and the flowing asymmetrical cut gives the look just the umph it needs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone in a similar look this summer just walking down the street. We’re already seeing a comeback of the soft slip dresses, and floral patterns are everywhere you turn. My favorite part of this look is the strappy sandal heels that ever so gently make a statement without taking over the show.

by Candice Chantalou
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