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The Global Girls Playlist

The Global Girls Playlist

Music has always been a universal language – with this in mind, we at NBGA have scoured the globe for the quintessential offerings in contemporary artists who are challenging the Anglophone boundaries of the popular music sphere, bringing a fresh new approach to our favorite genres

Here at NBGA, we think it’s so important to champion those creatives –particularly women – who are stepping outside of the box and re-imagining music through their own diverse cultural lens – so allow us to introduce our Global Girls!  

Feel free to bask in sultry R&B of Belgium’s Shay, or the quick-fire rap of Chilla’s Parisian-trap Jungle! Lose yourself in the reggaeton worlds of Mariah and Rosalia, or travel to Serbia with superstar Senidah’s groundbreaking dance- track Mišići! With offerings from: France’s Aya Nakamura, Colombia’s Kali Uchis, Sweden’s Cherrie and Germany’s Ace Tee – wherever you want your music to take you, we’ve got you covered!  


Listen to the Global Girls playlist below!  

Curated & Written By Tahirah Thomas
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