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The Hottest Women’s Streetwear Brands to Keep on Your Radar

The Hottest Women’s Streetwear Brands to Keep on Your Radar

Walk down the street, browse Instagram, look at what all the most photographed celebrities are wearing… women sporting streetwear are everywhere, and yet we are often overlooked by popular brands. Streetwear is a boy’s club, and sometimes blatantly sexist, despite the fact that many women are customers (read more about this topic here.)


You can say that the streetwear aesthetic has officially merged into mainstream fashion, so more and more women and girls are giving this style a try and liking the way it looks. Instead of checking out the women’s section of a brand that treats women’s clothing as an afterthought, or buying from the men’s section just because that’s the only place that has an item you like, let’s shine a spotlight on 5 dope brands that cater towards women’s bodies!


Recent Parson’s alums Andie Enomoto and Taylor Kaclik founded the brand SCAPES with women in mind. The design duo makes sure SCAPES is ethically produced in the New York City garment district and provides high-quality goods, in an effort to tackle fast-fashion. Their traffic-sign color palette of trousers tees and jackets are to die for!

#2 X-Girl

This 90’s brand has one of the most star-studded backstories of any streetwear brand: co-founded by Kim Gordon in 1994, first fashion show (which took place on the streets of SoHo, by the way) directed by Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze, and modelled by Chloe Sevigny. The brand was designed to appeal to all the skater girls who thrifted and needed cool tomboy clothes that would be slightly more flattering than men’s clothing. Today, they still sell the same kind of ringer tees, a-line skirts, and baggy jeans that made them big, with a few new additions. Check out aforementioned fashion show for some amazing 90’s outfit ideas! 

#3 LAPP the Brand

Frankly, I wouldn’t have considered those bike racing suits to be “cool” until I saw what LAPP did with them. Their spin on sportswear could’ve taken many different routes, but to go with a biking outfit like this is so unique, and it totally paid off! Founded in 2016 by British model Leomie Anderson, LAPP expands beyond fashion with their blog that features articles on intersectional feminism, sexuality, and breaking news.


MadeMe Spring 2018. Available now. Link in bio. Campaign ⭐ @princessnokia ? @thisismayan ?   A post shared by MADEME (@mademe_nyc) on

#4 MadeMe

I first heard about MadeMe when I saw Mayan Toledano’s campaign for them starring Lourdes Leon… not a bad introduction! The “by girls, for girls” brand launched in 2007 and embraces 90’s counter-culture and third wave feminism (with modern day adjustments). They offer a variety of cute sporty outfits, and even have a collaboration with Converse One Star to top the whole look off! 


This Polish brand brings together an interesting mix of clothing styles, from classic button downs and trenches to neon sportswear in a way that shockingly works. Founding designer Natalia Maczek started the brand as a kind of fun side project that she didn’t have big plans for, before realizing this is what she was truly interested in. MISBHV is just a few years old, and they’re already extremely well received in the fashion world for their mix of throwback and forward-thinking designs. From their DIY roots in the club scene to the luxury setting of Selfridges and Printemps, MISBHV remains cool through and through. (Image: Julien Boudet via nss Magazine (MISBHV ss19))

by Madeleine Megargee

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