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The magic of crystal healing — and where you can find your gems

The magic of crystal healing — and where you can find your gems

Like all realms of metaphysics, people often gravitate towards healing crystals to redirect or maintain major aspects of their lives such as spirituality, intimate relationships, or finances. As a longtime collector, I’ll never forget the first precious stone I received. It was an oval-shaped turquoise pebble tucked inside a tin case with a note explaining its healing properties. I’m not even sure that the friend who gifted it to me for my 18th birthday could have foreseen the love affair with crystals that they inspired. 

Prior to this, I’d cherished ruby jewelry (matching my birthstone) and worn layered beaded bracelets with semi-precious stones. But nothing compared to receiving this small piece of the Earth with instructions to set my own intentions around using it. I soon realized that wearing stoned jewelry can be magical on its own, but it was the intentionality that set this initial crystal experience apart from the others. As energetic entities, crystals carry their own magic that you can harness when needed. The key part is: they don’t work unless you do. Setting an intention with a crystal and subsequently carrying it as a reminder allows you to match the vibration inherent in the stone. 

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It’s going on 9 years since I received that first crystal and I’m still heavily collecting these precious gems. I would consider crystal healing as the catalyst for my deeper interest in spirituality and modalities such as Reiki, color therapy, and chakra work. Here’s a handy guide for a few stones you can acquire and work with in terms of love & harmony, prosperity, and psychic protection. 

Online Crystal Shops

Some of the sites listed here ship domestically and internationally; check their FAQ to confirm.

Crystal Age

Crystal Gemstone Shop

Energy Muse

Elevated Wisdom

Love By Luna

The Hoodwitch

House of Intuition

Modern Mystic Shop

Soulful Vibes Co.


The color green corresponds with the heart chakra, as does pink; stones in either of these hues can be used to bring more loving and harmonious experiences into your life.

Rose Quartz 

A highly recognizable pink stone, rose quartz is essential for radiating self-love and extending that to others. I personally enjoy using a rose quartz crystal roller as a part of my self-care and skin routines. The color is soft and soothing; it reminds me that it’s okay for me to exude softness too. 


This calming pinkish gray crystal is recommended for bringing harmony after a tense situation in love or friendship or when you find yourself listening to too many outside voices. Place a small tumbled version under your pillow for inspiration to step into your own power.


Unakite is a stone in an earthy combination of pink and green. It’s useful for staying in the moment and taking things day by day. It’s also a stone of commitment — to self, to a loved one, to your higher purpose. Meditate with unakite to activate the third eye and remind yourself to follow your intuition.

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Rose Quartz


Green stones are associated with luck, money, and abundance too. I’ve also listed a couple of golden crystals that radiate the energy of the Sun and challenge you to know your worth.


A stone of high demand, emerald is well known as the birthstone for those born in May. It’s a tool of compassion and unconditional love. If home is where you’re seeking the most harmony, creating a crystal grid with emeralds can help balance the energy in your space. You can also place the stone at your heart’s center during a reclined meditation to feel its magic close to you. 


This is my absolute favorite stone due to the intricate patterns found on tumbled versions. Malachite inspires new energy and rebirth; in embarking on a new journey, it can remind you that abundance is all around. It is one of those stones that’s not water safe, so if you are ever considering making a gem elixir with malachite, set the stone next to your chosen vessel of water and it’ll still infuse its properties into the container.


Since citrine is a yellowish stone, it’s associated with the solar plexus and harnessing one’s power. But it’s also linked to abundance and wealth; a simple ritual for this involves carrying a small raw citrine in your wallet.

Tiger’s Eye 

This banded yellow stone inspires focus and motivation. Since it’s helpful in aiding one to get out of their own way, it’s also the one to have on hand when it’s time to secure the bag. Outside of its healing properties, tiger’s eye is simply a beautiful gemstone to study due to its striations of ochre, amber, and brown.

Emerald Stone


Also known as fool’s gold, this shiny collectible mineral is appealing in both its raw and tumbled versions. Pyrite is a good stone for channeling creative energy and believing in one’s self. Hold on to this and remind yourself to make your dreams come true.


Black and grey stones are strong protective forces. If you’re ever missing a stone in the desired color you want to work with, a clear stone like quartz can also be used since it’s representative of all the chakras. Plus, it’s great for enhancing the power of other stones and it’s often used in crystal grids.


It’s recommended to keep shungite near places where you store your electronics since it’s helpful in counteracting electromagnetic radiation (EMF). And if you’re like most modern Internet consumers who typically have their phone in hand all the time (like you probably do right now), this is also a good one to carry on your person. 

Smoky Quartz

If you find yourself ruminating over the past, let smoky quartz be your ally to move through some of that stagnancy. You can also place this one in your car or handbag for on-the-go psychic protection and to ward off bad vibes.


Obsidian is volcanic glass that’s readily available in an array of colors. Two common varieties, black obsidian and snowflake obsidian, are protective forces that aid the wearer through life transitions and help restore balance after turbulent times. All versions of obsidian are grounding forces for the user.

Pyrite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information - International Gem Society


Polished versions of hematite will draw you in with their sheen, but you’ll also gravitate to this one for sorting out mental stress. Allow it to ground you and absorb outside negativity as you carry it. Holding and focusing on the smooth texture of a hematite palm stone can be a quick and simple soothing exercise whenever anxiety strikes.

Tips for selecting stones 

I highly recommend visiting local gem stores and esoteric book shops that carry similar totems. When selecting stones, it’s helpful to hold one in your dominant hand to feel the vibration and see if it resonates with you. If it’s a large stone, its sheer magnitude and brilliance might draw you in. Qualities like the shape or arrangement of a stone can also hold different meanings.

No two stones are alike, so it’s highly likely that you’ll pick a crystal because you enjoy its natural pattern or sheen — as someone who loves all things rainbow and/or iridescent, studying labradorite and titanium quartz brings me such solace. Visiting a crystal store lessens the chance that you will encounter something counterfeit (like a dyed howlite parading as a genuine turquoise) — check reviews and use your best judgement when ordering online. I’ve listed a few commonly recommended online sources for crystals below. There are countless stones and variations to discover, so explore and see what gravitates to you! 

Recommended resources

Here are just a few books and a tarot deck to up your crystal knowledge.

A Little Bit of Crystals by Cassandra Eason 

Healing Crystals: the A-Z guide to 555 gemstones by Michael Gienger

Crystals: The Stone Deck by Andrew Smart

The Chakra Bible by Patricia Mercier

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