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The magical mother-daughter fashion brand illuminating the black experience

The magical mother-daughter fashion brand illuminating the black experience

House of Aama is the mother-daughter duo fashion brand that needs to be on your radar. If you’re not yet in the loop, NBGA is here to give you the rundown. House of Aama is a LA-based brand that champions Black heritage through their designs. Originally founded in 2013, mother and daughter Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka created the brand in hopes to make up for the lack of clothing in the fashion industry that they felt resonated with their cultural roots and influences. With their brand, they triumphantly celebrate exploring the rich history of folk-art forms, the power of story-telling, and Southern culture and traditions all centered on the Black experience. House of Aama has moved past simply being just a fashion brand and has become an important platform that is reclaiming both the personal and collective voices and stories of the African diaspora and beyond.


Not only does House of Aama bring attention to the Black narrative, but the name ‘Aama’, which is a reference to Egyptian goddess Het-Heru (think Venus or Oshun), makes the brand also about beauty, sensuality and fertility. It comes as no surprise that you can feel and see the spiritual goddess energy emanating from their billowy designs or deep earthy tones of their finely crafted unisex garments.


House of Aama’s 2017 collection “Bloodroot”, which caught attention at NYFW 17’, quickly spread across social media with a frenzy, drawing viewers in with an irresistible warm allure of fabrics and designs that conveyed Southern culture with hints of Creole spirituality. The collection itself spoke to the very act of African Americans reclaiming their dignity in the postbellum South, seen through lacey Victorian-Age designs paired with Southern parasols. House of Aama has now acquired an impressive following, proving the profound power of visual storytelling, which is of course now more accessible than ever via social media platforms like Instagram.

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Their latest launch, “Silhouette Collectibles”, is a limited collection of colorful pastel hoodies, tees, and tote bags that bring to life a sliver of classic antiquity and postbellum Southern culture and history. The collection is all about silhouette designs, which are a reference to the tradition of silhouette portraiture that was particularly popular in the mid-18​ century. The black silhouettes juxtaposed by the fun and playful pink, blue, and yellow shades create bold designs that bring out the rich traditions of visual storytelling​—​quite literally.

From an assortment of military jackets and summer dresses, inspired by the Blues man or Southern parlor-girl glamor, and with their newest pastel-toned designs, we can all agree on House of Aama’s aesthetic appeal. But this American brand’s focus and dedication to uplifting Black perspectives and history with an emphasis on community, makes it much more than its aesthetics. House of Aama has successfully grown into a powerful and important independent Black and female voice in the fashion world, paving the way for future Black owned enterprises.

To top it off, all of House of Aama’s garments are made from cotton and recyclable materials and are L.A. made, making them environmentally friendly and ethically responsible. 

Who wouldn’t want to support and celebrate the beauty and magic of House of Aama?

You can shop House of Aama on their official online storefront

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