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The makeup artists exploring the secret, surreal side of beauty

The makeup artists exploring the secret, surreal side of beauty

Out with the old and in with the new. Hasn’t that been the whole theme of 2020? The year of mass change, or at least disruption. The year of mass change, or at least disruption, in every realm we can think of: political, social, civil. What’s up next? Hopefully, the realm of beauty. As in, the way we approach and use make-up. It does seem like we, as a culture, are veering further and further away from the once-viral trends of being IG baddie replicas, idolizing reality TV fakery, and being reliant on Snapchat filters to feel semi-attractive. More and more of us are waking up to the fact that beauty has no guidelines. We don’t have to follow any rules.


We just have to be raw. Authentically us.  And realistically, who really has time to perfect their clone-like contour during the revolution anyways?

Shanghai-based makeup artist @freyaisasheep.mua might be one of the catalyst we can use to spark up a new love of stranger beauty. Inspired by many phenomena, these looks are active rather than stagnant. Looks that texturise the skin or leave it totally bare. Neon shocks around the eyes, vintage-Parisian thin brows, flower petal lashes. It’s not submissive makeup. It makes us stop and stare. 

It seems there is no shortage of innovative MUA’s, who are both defining and redefining what beauty means in the digital age. Notably, other MUA’s are inspiring such shifts, such as Dain Yoon, known more commonly by her Insta handle @designdain. Here, she utilises her surreal to challenge and subvert our preconceived notions of beauty and aestheticism. Wherein, she forces us to encompass individuality and uniqueness. Perpetually unfettered, cool, and self assured – we are both enthralled and inspired by her detailed designs.


Equally as enigmatic are the disturbing, beautiful, and eccentric looks of @cupidsvault. If you mixed Michael Ali G with Gasper Noel, then you would get these surreal serves by the famed artist. Some serious rave inspiration, his creations are less a makeup look, and more akin to a work of art. From his beautiful butterfly creations, to his bold and bizarre facial coverings, his work is the next cutting edge thing of the MUA world. 


Long live our weird and expressive beauty in an age where we can hope to share our most secret selves without fear of judgment. Freaks and geeks unite!

We’ve compiled some of the most gorgeous looks for you to be inspired by. 

WILLOW by @cupidsvault
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