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The Meier duo set a minimalist tone for Jil Sander’s Resort 2021

The Meier duo set a minimalist tone for Jil Sander’s Resort 2021

Due to the seemingly eternal presence of a global pandemic, the fashion industry has been forced to make quick decisions in terms of finding innovative ways to stay alive. The creative power of many designers is being tested, especially for this year’s Fashion Week, but this doesn’t seem to have created an issue for designers Lucie and Luke Meier. 


This season, Jil Sander unveiled their Resort 2021 collection online in July at the brand’s showroom in Milan, which was captured by photographer Tim Elkaïm. This collection reaffirmed their brand’s mission statement, which strives to produce empowering, quality ready-to-wear garments. By focusing on craftsmanship and functionality, the duo created minimal designs that’ll never go out of style.

The resort showcases stunning, clean-cut looks that convey duality between the utilitarian and feminine via contrasting silhouettes–buttoned-down blouses and asymmetrical skirts, peplum tops with pleated trousers. The Meier duo knows that comfort goes a long way, and features flowy yet chic slip dresses, matching patterned silk sets, and cape-like jackets, leaving just enough room for those early morning Zoom calls.

The brand also utilizes muted, soft colors like ivory and black but doesn’t shy away from pops of color like oranges and blues. The work is constructed impeccably. Strong craftsmanship is well-highlighted throughout the collection, especially as seen in their leather-woven handbag, embroidered bomber jacket, and coordinating belted outerwear. On top of the structured silhouettes, the Meiers pired looks with oversized yet polished accessories that undoubtedly make the right statement, including chunky black sandals and neutral, sleek handbags. Just to name a few.

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