The Songs You Need in Your Life Right Now | NBGA’s January Playlist

Another month, another fuego playlist for your enjoyment. While December might not be known for being a month of album releases, the past few weeks have still given us a plethora of singles and EPs.


You’ll find names such as Jhene Aiko, Yuna, LION BABE and Noname on our playlist below. But the artist that stole the playlist show this month is undoubtedly Princess Nokia with her album Metallic Butterfly. The sound is a little more electronic and experimental than Nokia’s past hip-hop bops, but we stan a genre-bending, pioneering queen.

And the NBGA December music video award goes to… Money by Cardi B, obviously. Cardi didn’t have too much music video release competition this month, but she would have probably gone home with this reward even if she did.

by Michelle Hallstrom
cover photo by Laurel Golio for Champion/Urban Outfitters