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Instagram accounts for your inner nymphomaniac

Instagram accounts for your inner nymphomaniac

Let’s be honest here, we’ve all been cooped up in our homes hopelessly daydreaming about the days of flirtatious bar nights and endless possibilities of sexual encounters. So now that we’re in the post-panic state of COVID, people are ready to venture out in the world of dating and try something new. However, this ounce of freedom does not excuse the important conversation of prioritizing one’s sexual pleasure and health. Before touching into one’s aphrodisiac, it’s best to consider the safest measures to be taken. Being in tune with the body’s natural response for one – along with shedding the skin of sexual stigmas and learning to explore sexuality in your hands. 

Instead of taking a deep dive into the Kama Sutra, all you have to do is open that little Instagram app for the magic to happen. In the modern world, access to sex based resources are at our fingertips. There is an entire sub community on Instagram devoted to the act of creating safe digital spaces for women to explore and discuss sex – an often hushed public conversation. So if you want to start digging into this realm and need a guide, look no further.

Killer And A Sweet Thang

This page serves as a digital safe haven for women to discuss both their mental and sexual health. What started as a teen Tumblr blog answering questions, has blossomed into a burgeoning new wave of sex ed for people everywhere. Posts may vary on the spectrum of sex – from fuckboy Drake memes about using condoms – to honest discussions about disabled visibility in sexual communities or prioritizing communication strategies to achieve true female orgasms. Founder Eileen Kelly acts as a gen Z Carrie Bradshaw with her cosmopolitan candor. The feed itself is soft girl Sofia Coppola aesthetics meets progressive sex education essay captions.

Ev’Yan Whitney

The doula of the century is all about spreading the wealth and power of living life the sensual way. Rather than the stone cold fornicated sensual warfare being sold to consumers, she takes a more delicate approach. Within the female gaze – even the tiniest details or small of gestures can build up a force field of sensuality. Ev’Yan argues for and paves a path of sensuality that encompasses a means of pleasure to suit our senses and inner minds. It is a conscious practice where one is fluent in understanding the body and the brain. She’s also a voice of passion for sexual liberation, breaking through the glass ceiling of oppression with her clients to unlearn the schema of shame in female sex. 

Shelby Sells

The certified life coach covers everything from setting emotional boundaries to the best sex positions to masturbate in. It’s a quintessential blend of how to navigate mental health in the bedroom and in dating, which is a hard task for those with unhealed trauma and stigmatized wounds. Scrolling through her feed is a cathartic sexpression of flashing breasts and tearing down the barriers of toxic relationships. And like every influencer girlboss rightfully should, she has her own podcast and is a Savage X Fenty ambassador (besides, who could forsake a 50% off code for baby pink vibrators).

Now before we go out into the streets with our new following list just remember, stay smart and sexy. (And maybe stockpile on some sex toys.)

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