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The Ultimate Pack For The Best Summer Vibes

The Ultimate Pack For The Best Summer Vibes

Summer is here! And it’s important to make sure you’re ready for the fun – whatever the weather. Living in London I’ve definitely experienced the mildly hot and the humid and the rainy, so I know a thing or two about making every day a summer party! So whether you live in the hottest country or the rainiest, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate summer pack.

Pure Water (& Lots of Ice)

Shoutout to Skepta for reminding us of the cardinal summer rule: stay hydrated! This goes without saying but is always worth mentioning – water is so important, especially on those really hot days. It keeps us from dehydrating, helps clear the skin, and replaces the water you lose when it gets sweaty! I always make sure water is the first thing I put in my bag when I leave the house (also it saves a lot of money and plastic if you fill up your own bottle and take it on the go). Icy tip: freeze your water overnight so during the day it stays cooler longer and is that much more refreshing. You’re welcome!

All Sunscreen, All Shade 

Another essential item that should be top two of things to take out and about with you. Even if it’s not the sunniest where you live, sunscreen is always essential as it protects the skin from the rays that are hidden beneath the clouds. Sunscreen is also great for preventing hard lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as sunburn and damage, so it’s a win-win really. Check out our articles on which sunscreen is best for your skin type, as well as a whole list of w.o.c friendly sun protectants!

S.O.S (Sustain Our Swimwear) 

For those lucky few that can actually relax by the ocean, pool, or general body of water this summer– I’d highly recommend a fly ass swimming costume! In this fast fashion era, it’s so easy to choose swimwear that is cheap and doesn’t last, which is why I’d recommend investing in a costume or bikini set that is sustainable and gives back to the planet.

Weekday is a brand that I adore and they’ve released swimwear that is made of 100% recycled materials. Their 2019 ‘Weekday Swim’ campaign was created by artist Sara S. Boljak and her team of female creatives! The film is really interesting and gives you a little more insight as to why diversity, inclusion, and sustainability are so important.

Shield me! 

No summer look is complete without a pair of sick sunglasses. This season’s latest shade trend comes in the form of the ‘Shield’ sunglasses. These have been hot up and down the runway and worn by our favorite celebs! They cover the majority of the face making going incognito more futuristic than ever. If the shield look is too out of your comfort zone, cat-eye and slimline glasses with bold frames are still a winner! Regardless of your style, always have a pair of sunnies ready this summer.

Ball on a budget

It’s no secret that summer can be a very pricey season. So what better way than to keep track of it all using apps and online banks such as Monzo, Paypal, and Starling. I love Monzo because it’s a lot easier than online banking. You can set a budget, special saving pots, and it makes splitting the bill with friends a walk in the park. If Monzo is not available where you live, there are a ton of money tracking apps that you can download, making it easier for you to have fun without worrying about your funds!

UNO What I’m Saying? 

Combat the boredom of a rainy day or just a lazy day with friends, by busting out the playing cards or UNO if you’re not that skilled (yet!). Knowing how to play cards on a day that isn’t as eventful is heaven sent. All that is required are your best mates, a deck of cards (obviously) and a lowkey summer setting such as the garden, park or pub and you’ve got yourself a couple of hours of banter and friendly competition.

Blackjack is my go to, but for a larger group of people, two packs of UNO is a sure way to get the smack talk going. If you want an extra challenge and your friendship group can handle it, add a wager such as the loser having to buy the next round of drinks to spice things up.

A Popping Playlist

Can you remember a certain song that defines a special moment in the summer for you? If yes, then you know the importance of a summer playlist, and if not, well you gon’ learn today! Curating a playlist of all your favorite tunes of past and present is sure to give you the best vibes, whatever the situation. Try getting a collaborative playlist going on Spotify so that you and your friends are constantly adding your fave tracks – nothing says summer bonding like a shared playlist! Our fave artists at the moment are Megan Thee Stallion, Tyler the Creator, DaniLeigh, and Wavy the Creator to name a few.

If you get stuck be sure to check out the NBGA curated playlists on Spotify for some inspo!

Portable Everything 

Make sure you have the sounds and power on the go by investing in some gadgets that will keep the party going from day to night. It always sucks to be out and have your phone or speakers die on you! Always charge your portables the night before to ensure the power lasts for as long as you need it. And If you’re a serious candidate (or just paranoid of being cut off from the world!), I’d recommend having back up of your backups! Portable speakers mean you bring the party everywhere you go and a portable charger means you’ve always got the power to provide the very best vibes.

By Elisheba Akalawu
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