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Think Global: Asian Makeup & Skincare Brands You Should be Looking Out For

Think Global: Asian Makeup & Skincare Brands You Should be Looking Out For

I have to admit. Lately, I haven’t been as into makeup as I used to be. Normally, I’m the girl who would easily step out of her apartment and into PSC 135 with a navy blue brow… or show up to a volunteering gig in hot pink eyeshadow and duo chrome highlighter. When summer approached, I took my lazy, natural makeup look to the extremes and ditched my makeup bag. It wasn’t until my trip to the Philippines this past month that I’ve been inspired to pick up new products – (Back on my traffic cone orange lip vibes!) Here are some gems I found during my travels, as well as some beloved items I’ve found through my favorite style icons and beauty gurus abroad.


Sunnies Face Fluffmatte – ₱345 / $6.36

This ultralight formula definitely owns up to its name. A formula from the clouds, this lippie is creamy, yet long-lasting. Not to mention, aren’t these shades perfect?


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Fluffmatte in “Baked”


Etude House Lip Rich VIVID Tint – ₩12,000 / $14.40   I stumbled upon the Lip Rich VIVID tint when perusing Etude House, and the last shade left (surprisingly) on the almost empty shelf was the shade BR401, a gorgeous apricot color. I almost bought it for the sole reason that it smells exactly like oranges, but realized what a great product it actually is. Something to note: This lippie is a lot more pigmented than your traditional liquidy gel tint. It’s unique formula has the moisturizing nature of a lip balm and the color payoff of a liquid lipstick without the harsh lines, making for that natural and blended-out look highly sought after in Korean beauty.

Tint My Brow Gel via Etude House – ₩8500 / $8.50   I love this brand so much I had to write about another product of theirs. Don’t let its brow gel-like exterior fool you– Etude House’s eyebrow tint has a brush applicator for painting on a tar-like gel onto the brows that stains the skin. Leave it on for the suggested wait time (Or break the rules like me and leave it on overnight for extra dark brows) and once done you get to peel it off to reveal the on the skin of you — it’s almost as satisfying as the next peel-off product on this list. From my personal experience, it’s as fun as it is effective; While showering daily and avoiding scrubbing the brow area or layering on any excess brow products, the tint lasted a little less than a week. For my fellow brunettes, I recommend my shade, Grey Brown for a natural, ashy brown brow.

NATURE REPUBLIC Real Nature Royal Jelly Mask Sheet – ₩4750 / $9.45   The first sheet masks I’ve ever tried are these from Nature Republic, and since then, nothing has compared. They smell amazing and the gel it’s soaked in leaves my skin feeling ultra hydrated and bouncy. My all-time favorites are the Aloe mask and the Honey mask. (I have to say the honey mask is glorious and smells delicious) Tip: stick these in the fridge before use for an extra soothing, cooling sensation.









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Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm – Purifying

Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm via Banila Co. – ₩18,000 / $18

I found this brand my stopover in Korea. The storefront was in Korean and although the language is foreign to my eye, I was enticed by the minimalist interior and had to check it out. I instantly fell in love with their sleek, Glossier-esque aesthetic. The clean-looking packaging is consistent with the bestselling balm’s purpose: To clear and cleanse the skin from dirt and makeup. 


Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – ¥845 / $7.50

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting your paycheck after a long week, Jorja Smith‘s voice, warm laundry, and… the wonderful feeling that is peeling off a deep cleaning nose pore strip. Amazing. Although technically, this doesn’t classify as a makeup product, I had to include this gem on the list. Bioré strips are perfect for removing any dirt, excess oil and especially blackheads, and they’re so refreshing.

by Bianca Ocampo
cover photo by Sarah Feingold
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