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Tracks of the week: Poppy Ajudha, Kaash Paige, Bas, and more

Tracks of the week: Poppy Ajudha, Kaash Paige, Bas, and more

This week Poppy Ajudha & Mahalia take us on a Low Ride, Kaash Paige cruises in her 64′, and rapper BAS is experiencing a serious case of convenient Amnesia. Don’t miss out on our top tracks below!

Rosalia – Juro Que

Rosalia cites traditional palmas for her newest single “Juro Que”, reminding us all of her musical roots in flamenco after a whirlwind past year, which saw the genre-defying songstress all over the charts. This emotive ballad see’s Rosalia experimenting with her distinctive falsetto’s as well as autotune, as she takes on the persona of a damsel longing for her incarcerated lover to come home.

Daniela Andrade – Gallo Pinto

On this chilled out track, Daniela Andrade smoothly muses about wanting to have it all, to the tune of delicate guitar melodies and laid-back percussion. Andrade provides the ultimate soundtrack for relaxation, whilst creating a narrative space to reminisce about how her hopes and dreams have an uncanny penchant for reminding her exactly where she is from.

Cleo Sol – Butterfly 

Cleo Sol spreads her wings on this beautiful and uplifting ballad, as she poeticises the plight towards happiness; citing faith, hope and self-belief as the tools that can help us all along the way.  “Your time will come, have faith..” sings the soul songstress to the tune of a delicately strummed acoustic guitar arrangement. One thing’s for sure, “Butterfly” will surely leave you feeling light, floaty and hopeful for the future!

Poppy Ajudha – Low Ride ft. Mahalia 

Poppy Ajudha and Mahalia team up for the soulful, jazzy and enticing “Low Ride”, as they both lyrically muse about escaping with their significant other for a long nights drive. The tracks’ distinct, syncopated percussion and smooth sax set the foundations for an otherwise improvised accompaniment, to which both singers showcase their rich vocal proficiencies. It’s nothing short of a collaboration forged in heaven!

Mick Jenkins – “Carefree” Black Boy 

Mick Jenkins elucidates the struggles of trying to be a “Carefree” Black Boy under the contemporary political climate in America. Jenkins tells the story of going to smoke and turn-up with some friends at the beach, and almost expectedly being confronted by a situation with the cops before the night comes to a close. Not only is this track sonically fire, it perfectly highlights an important narrative for young black boys living in America today; that it’s much harder to feel carefree when the colour of your skin dictates the privileges you’re entitled.

Kaash Paige – 64′ 

Kaash Paige is set to blow through the stratosphere in 2020, and her infectious R&B offering 64′ is setting the tone for a perfect rise. On this track off of her bubbling “Parked Car Convos”  EP, the talented songstress sonically encapsulates the feeling of “ridin’ through your city” at night with your friends and feeling on top of the world. The beat is undeniably Dallas-made, and here at NBGA we’re sure Kaash will be further bringing this sound to the masses in the near future!

Danileigh – Wrong

Danileigh is back, and ruminating upon some break-up woes and boy-troubles on “Wrong”.  With this track, her light-hearted lyrical word-play accents the bouncy hip-hop beat perfectly, as she laments about her significant other “hidin’ sh*t up in [his] phone”. In the second verse, she decides that enough is enough, and that she’s about to start demanding accountability from these boys period! Exclaiming emphatically on the infectious hook “know that you gon’ miss me when i’m gone”, and reminding us all that it’s not cool for these boys to just mess with our hearts without being checked.

lophiile, Col3trane, Amber Mark – No Bus 

One things for sure, you can always rely on lophiile to produce the dankest, most intricate of beats; bursting with immense replay-potential. Throw in Col3trane’s buttery falsetto’s, and a genre-bending rap verse from songstress Amber Mark, and it’s safe to say we’ve found an uncut gem from these three talented collaborators. Though each artists’ individual styles are complex and nuanced in their own right, they’ve managed to blend their sounds seamlessly, producing a club-banger like nothing we’ve heard from them individually before.

Michael Christmas – Who Am I?

Michael Christmas flows like a champ on his bouncy new single “Who Am I?”, as he struggles to define his identity, in amongst trying to define the definition of being high to his mom! Oops. This light-hearted hip-hop track elucidates the lust for life we all experience as teenagers, shedding light on how all of our recklessness and impulsive behaviour stems from a desire to simply deeper understand who we are.

Bas – Amnesia feat. Ari Lennox and KIDDOMINANT 

Bas, Ari Lennox and KIDDOMINANT are all experiencing a case of convenient “Amnesia” on this dynamic afro-beat banger; as each artist respectively muses about how true love takes patience. The tracks infectious funky-house inspired beat is the ultimate antidote for dispelling those winter blues, with its intricate melodies and grounding muted bass line carrying Bas’s chilled-out hooks. Further, with Ari Lennox and KIDDOMINANT amalgamating their styles to bolster the already flourishing arrangement, “Amnesia” is for sure a 2020 summer-hit waiting to happen!

by, Tahirah Thomas

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