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Up and comer Simpson drops new video for “Cherry Ice Cream Sundae”

Up and comer Simpson drops new video for “Cherry Ice Cream Sundae”

You’re in for a treat— Singer and songwriter Simpson, formerly apart of the rap quartet Bart Troop from Tumblr, returns with her latest music video “Cherry Ice Cream Sundae.” Inspired by artists like Nikki Giovanni and Allen Toussaint, the Richmond native gained momentum last fall with a cover on Spotify’s Pollen playlist, garnering millions of streams across platforms and via radio.

Earlier this week, the soloist shared a marionette-choreographed video for her latest single “Cherry Ice Cream Sundae.” The music video is not only seemingly delicious, but it also takes viewers through Simpon’s whimsical imagination which plays on the themes of escapism and interrogating our current reality. Through her soothing vocals and surrealist characters, Simpson writes an ode to listeners to keep our heads up even when the surrounding world seems bleak. 

“Life is kind to who’s kind to it back.”

Cherry Ice Cream Sundae by Simpson

The masterpiece couldn’t have been done without the work of Bob Baker’s master puppeteer Audrey Densmore and director Amber Navarro. “When envisioning the video for Cherry Ice Cream Sundae I always knew I wanted to use puppets because when I imagined a surrealist world of characters and landscapes that look like how the song sounds,” Simpson says in a statement.

The artist also says, “When I make music, it’s enjoyed in the human realm, but I imagine there are many other life forms that also really love music too. I deal in grappling with reality and grounding the self, while I also deal in escapism and questioning the self, interrogating the world, leaning into what could be considered nonsensical by many while it simply has to be embraced as unexplained. There are many layers with the puppets.”

You can now watch the music video below and stream “Cherry Ice Cream Sundae” here.

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