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Valentine’s nail inspo that will put your heart on wings

Valentine’s nail inspo that will put your heart on wings

I don’t care if you’re boo’d up or not, Valentine’s Day is one of the dreamiest days of the year. Sparkles, strawberry short cakes, flowers, explosions of glitter. Strangers hurrying home after work holding bouquets all the way down the subway line. Magentas, silvers, and reds. Sexy little slip dresses. Red wine in the tub, old Sex and the City episodes. Cocktails and dim lighting. Sharing love with the people you. All of it. I adore it. Love in the air makes my heart feel kaleidescopic.

But what do I love even more than Valentine’s Day?

Nail art!

I’ve decided to play Cupid today and bring these two things together so that I could give you an official NBGA-approved list of dreamy, sweet, and romantic nail art inspiration for Valentine’s Day. Here we go.

A cartoon-esque explosion of hearts on @couldbemaria.

Matching nails for you and boo @couldbemaria, @treyrichards.

Sweet-heart flame nails for the baddie who wants to stay a lil bad @islaberlin.

A little update to your classic French tip @islaberlin.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice @nailjerks.

Blurring the line between simple and sultry @nailsbymei.

Red wine nails are always a classic. Valentine’s Day and beyond @nailsbymei.

#1 Fantasy: My nails. Looking like this. Glittering pretty around the stem of my cocktail glass. It will be done! @nailsbymei

Another cartoon-esque love-bomb, this time more subtle with an easy black and white design @nailsbymei.

Wavy baby. Looks like strawberry shortcake @nailsbymei.

Come on Barbie, let’s go party @nailsbymei.

Keep this hand over your heart all day long for good luck @fleuryrosenails.

As you can see, we love an innovative French tip @bhambnails.

Give a lot, but keep something for yourself. Loving the fusion of intrigue and mystery @wrapartistnails.

If it’s loving that you want, you can have it @vanityprojectsmia.

My tip is to always stay a little electric @vanityprojectsmia.

A sentimental statement piece you’re at no risk of losing. Trust us @nailsbymei.

Hope this helps you when you’re booking your nail appointment this weekend!

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