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Vivienne Westwood SS21 collection takes us back in time.

Vivienne Westwood SS21 collection takes us back in time.

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Colors, shapes, patterns, and silhouettes of all kinds, Vivienne Westwood takes us back in time when bright colors and shoulder pads were all the rage. With the new focus of only releasing one collection a year, Westwood introduces a unisex collection that could work for any season.

The color palette focuses more on spring colors as we see an array of blues, purples, pinks, greens, etc displayed in different patterns and garments. It clear that this collection took inspiration from the 70s and 80s with its use of psychedelic patterns and boxy silhouettes. The suits give you a feel of walking down Wall Street in the year 1985 but could work in 2020 as this is the year of nostalgia.

In addition to that, the look book gives off the illusion of a circus, with its stripes, vibrancy, and having some of the models sporting clown-like makeup. The accessories this year are to die form with its bags ranging from heart-shaped to cylinder-shaped displaying the iconic Vivienne Westwood Saturn symbol.

And, with COVID19 shaking things up resulting in the influx of digital lookbooks, the collection introduces a white face mask that has “True Punk” in black printed on. The phrase “True Punk” is also seen on a cashmere vest but this time, in pink. Because would it really be Vivienne Westwood without a homage to the punk era of the 70s and 80s?

In the words of Vivienne Westwood herself, “What I’m doing now, it is still punk — it’s still about shouting about injustice and making people think, even if it’s uncomfortable. I’ll always be a punk in that sense” 

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