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We’re Glitterally Obsessed With These Trending Eye Make-up Looks!

We’re Glitterally Obsessed With These Trending Eye Make-up Looks!

All that glitters must be bold! If our ‘Gram feeds are anything to go by, bolder is definitely better. In the last couple of months, people have been getting more funky and experimental with their eye make-up looks. HBO’s latest hit phenomenon ‘Euphoria’ (if you haven’t heard by now… are you living under a rock?) has given us all the make-up inspo we need to live our most confident bad b*tch version of ourselves for the rest of the year! Long gone are the days of a dark and mysterious smokey eye or a simple black liner, now we look to brighter colors, colored liners and eye gems glittery enough to bedazzle any and everyone. It’s time to get creative and outside of the box people, the eyes are the windows to the soul after all, so go big and go bold!

Cry Me A (Glitter) River

Girl, it’s time to replace those tears with something a little more fashionable. Glitter tears anyone? A simple yet stand-out look that dazzles without blinding, definitely a go-to for those that are a little more daring!

Step 1: Blend out Makeup Geek matte eyeshadow pan in ‘Tan Lines’ or any deep brown shadow into the outer corner of the eye.

Step 2: Sweep your fave shimmer shade or our current fave, Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadow in ‘Bette’, across the lid and inner corner for that subtle gold shimmer glow.

Step 3: Define and open the eyes with E.L.F Cosmetic’s Eye Widener along your lower lash line.

Step 4: Now, for the magic! Colourpop’s glitter gel in ‘UR A FIREWORK’ is perfect on its own, if you’re going for a more laidback look. Using a flat eye shadow brush pack this on lightly under the eye until you’re satisfied with the sparkle.

Step 5: And if you’re feeling a little extra go in and add some of The Gypsy Shrine’s chunkier glitter in ‘Iridiscient Diamond’ for maximum finesse!

Cherries on Top

Head MUA on Euphoria @Donnie.Davy had us feelin’ sweet with this unusually laidback and cutesy eye look for the series’ resident bad B, Maddy. This look is probably the easiest to recreate — so no excuses to not try something new!

Step 1: Start by priming the eyes with an eye primer or concealer. For a more glowy finish, we recommend trying the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion in Eden! To deepen the hue of the brown on the outer corner blend in some matte brown shadow.

Step 2: Using any black eyeliner of your choice or my personal favorite: the NYX Professional Matte Liquid Liner in ‘Black’, carefully outline the outer corner of your eye to create a sharp cat-eye shape. Practice makes perfect with eyeliner so if it’s not perfect don’t worry, just try again!

Step 3: For the cherry stem, use a bright green eyeliner to draw on two small lines at the corner of your eye. Glossier’s Colorslide liner in ‘Stable Relationship’ is perfect for the job! For the cherries, place two bright red gems just under the stems you’ve painted on using a little bit of lash adhesive for maximum hold. Gems can be found at any craft store or online!

Heart Eyes 4 U

If cutesy, bubble gum, sweet dreams is your thing, then this style of make-up is definitely for you. It is eye-catching (no pun intended) but can be made up to be very soft and subtle.  Spread the love with this baby pink and heart-shaped confetti look!

Step 1: Frame the eyes by opting for a natural bushy brow, prepped with the help of Glossier Boy Brow in ‘Clear’.

Step 2: Prime the eyelid with a brightening primer to ensure the eyeshadow colour is vibrant and long-lasting. We recommend the Too Faced Shadow Insurance for a 24-hour hold and crease-free shadow base!

Step 3: The most important part about using pink eyeshadow is the BLEND! Make sure, whatever shade of pink you decide to go – whether it’s bright pink, a soft rose or a muted salmon – that blending is your best friend! I love the MAC Single Eyeshadow in ‘Sushi Flower’ as it’s buildable and very versatile.

Step 4: Finish the look off with some ‘Hopeless Romantic’ glitter gel by Colourpop on the inner corners of the eye. The heart-shaped glitter flecks are sure to get you falling in love.

Do it on Purple

For those of you that are less daring with eyeshadow and more into your eyeliners, we got you covered! This electric purple eyeliner look gives an everyday make-up element a colourful pop and twist.

Step 1: Prep and prime the eyes with a primer of your choice before going in with the NYX Slide-on Pencil in the shade ‘Purple Blaze’. The best thing about this eyeliner is it gives you the precision of a liquid eyeliner sans the mess or smudging! Have fun with this look by coloring outside of the lines, literally!

Step 2: Apply a lengthening mascara that gives you the fullness of falsies as well as keeping it natural. My go-to is the Benefit Roller Lash

Step 3: Finish off with your fave dewy highlighter and clear lipgloss. Glossier’s Haloscope and Gloss come in a duo pack! All your glowy needs in one purchase – opt for ‘Quartz’ in the highlight and ‘Holographic’ gloss for a sharp yet subtle finish.

By Elisheba Akalawu
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