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We’re in love with Stüssy’s fall 2020 collection

We’re in love with Stüssy’s fall 2020 collection

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Our favorite hypebeast brand is back and better than ever. Releasing the collection on September 4th, showcasing to the public an array of muted colors, bold prints, and rich fabrics.

The collection takes a plethora of inspiration from the past, there’s a lot of different prints and color-blocking that reminds me of the 70s and the baggy fit and cuts are reminiscent of the 90s. For example, the groovy circular pattern on this knit shirt is very 70s inspired, but the silhouette and styling of the clothes take you back to the 90s.

When it came to the women’s looks more bold colors like neon green were used a lot and the use of plaid and stripes were really utilized in the garments. When you flick through the lookbook you see a lot of unisex garments, made for anyone that cares to wear it. For example, the baggy striped cardigan (one of my favorites) is presented as a unisex piece, as are so many of Stussy’s garments.

What I love about Stüssy, is that even though it’s seen as a hypebeast brand to some, it’s able to create clothing that isn’t typical streetwear looks. Sure, they have their hoodies and beanies but then they’ll have a tie-dye coat, an 8-ball sweater, etc. Overall I’m excited to see what’s in store for the brand as the first delivery is available worldwide.

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