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Where to eat and what to do when in NYC

Where to eat and what to do when in NYC

New York is never basic. Between high fashion shops in SoHo, laid back rooftops in Tribeca with picturesque views of the city, to Andy Warhol’s iconic exhibitions in the West Village, it’s literally impossible to grow tiresome. If you are, you’re probably not doing it right. Even for native New Yorkers, it can take a lifetime to explore all of the stops on the Subway.

So, we want to make it easy for you. Here are the top 15 places you need to visit, like, yesterday. Whether you’re looking to eat, drink, play, or all of the above, you’ll fall in love with each of these city hot spots. Ladies, get your IPhone camera Instagram-ready. You’ll thank me later.



Come for: The best sushi in town, freshly cooked & prepared in front of you.

2. The Standard, Le Bain

Come for: Amazing cocktails, cute people  and chic lounge chairs to bask in the sun.

3. The Jane Hotel Ballroom

Come for: Lavish décor, dim lighting and a fireplace, all with a historic, antique feel. One cosmopolitan, please.

4. By Chloe

VEGAN LOVERS! Attention! Come for the 100% vegan burgers air-baked fries on chic white plates. Yes, there is even vegan ketchup and it’s pink. (I’ve tried it, I promise it’s OK).

5. Donut Plant

Come for: Weird, healthy donuts, like Matcha. And plush, donut pillows hung on the walls. Have you ever had a Matcha donut? I bet you haven’t.

6.  Black Tap Burger

Come For: The most extra milkshakes you’ve probably ever laid eyes on. I’m talking pop tarts, fruity pebbles and a Rice Krispy treat with a nerd rope straw. On top of a shake. Normal.

7. Momofuku

Come For: As a big seafood fan I love everything served with fried shrimps. Momofuku’s shrimp buns left us speechless.


World Trade Center Mall

Come For: The spaceship -like vibes. But seriously, the middle of the mall looks and feels like a gigantic spaceship. You just have to see it.

Century 21

Come For: Designer names at a low, low price. That includes clothes, shoes and bags. I call it my one-stop shop. Beware of the crowds on the weekends though – you’ll need a glass of wine after a Saturday power trip.


 What Goes Around Comes Around

Come For: Top shelf vintage. The store houses some of the finest vintage labels in the world including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermes.

The Market NYC

Come For: Local artists, designers and vintage vendors selling everything from vintage jewelry to paintings and hand-made soaps. Creative spaces like this are so special to New York.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Brooklyn)

Come For: The perfect city escape. 28 Lush, green gardens with Magnolias, Orchids and Geranium and much more. Cool fact: BBG houses the first Fragrance Garden in the country designed for the sight-impaired.

Whitney Museum

Come For: Over 22,000 works by more than 3,000 American artists. Amazing paintings, portraits, sculptures and more. If you want to spend an entire day at the Whitney, you definitely could. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Barclays Center (Brooklyn)

Come For: Cool sporting events like hockey and basketball games. Last time I went, I saw Chris Humphries play and wished I could send Kim K a snap of me LOLing. Team Kayne for life.


iPic Theatre in NYC

Come For: A Viewing of 50 Shades Darker with lobster rolls to share with your bestie? Saturday night plans, check.

Gotham Comedy Club

Come for: Many international headliners, including Dane Cook and David Chapelle. Endless laughs are a guarantee.

by Morgan Borer
Pictures via Instagram
Cover Picture – NBGA
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