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Why is it getting harder and harder for us to get creative?

Why is it getting harder and harder for us to get creative?

Do you find it hard to get over your creative block? Like many of us, we often ponder the purpose of pursuing our artistic projects or passions if it’s not going to get us immediate money: we live in a capitalist society of instant gratification and compensation. But isn’t it enough that you enjoy what you do, without a number, time limit, or price tag on it? Doing daily habits that actively promote a strong sense of creativity and self is healthy! We need to value our creativity a bit more- after all, creativity is the natural human state. When we become paralyzed by our artistic projects and passions instead of motivated by them, it’s usually time to look at the bigger picture.

Noce blanche (1989)

If you’re feeling stuck, there’s a high chance that you’re overthinking. Overthinking and fixating on negative thoughts while seeking assurance from society’s expectations will just add to the weight of feeling paralyzed. We are constantly questioning if our artistic projects are worth pursuing. In today’s world, the internet and social media feeds into the illusion that success comes overnight. Let’s establish that there’s no one roadmap to successful creativity. Creativity is stifled by overthinking. Don’t force your creative practice- predictability is good for most things in our capitalist world- but with creativity, there’s no straight path.

Instead of giving your energy to your craft you’re giving it away to roadblocks and excuses as to why you can’t get to work. You can accomplish an entire project in the time you spend overthinking! Just do, don’t think. And when feelings of failure are mounting, prize radical vulnerability. Be willing to make mistakes because you’ll grow from them regardless. Living under capitalism has programmed us to think there’s that we need to produce something of monetary value every day. But whatever you’re creating makes you more than who you were before you made it- and that itself is valuable. That should be enough motivation to jump start yourself. Your creative energy is always flowing no matter if you accomplish a masterpiece in one day or if you get stuck and procrastinate another– in that aspect – there’s no wasted days. Let go of the standard ‘rules’ and expectations- think less, relax, and enjoy the freedom!

Djon Africa (2018) 

When you really can’t shake the feeling of being stuck even after trying to shift your perspectives and outlooks- get some fresh air, stretch, move around, and clear your office space or studio. That way, you’re breathing, getting physical and clearing your mind all at once. Put down your phone and any distractions. Stop comparing yourself to others. Mindful meditation paired with quiet solitude works wonders for many, especially before beginning a project- it can help to clear any limiting thoughts bringing you down. If you don’t know where to start your work or task, just begin anywhere. If you’re writing, let your conscious flow and write and write until it gets more cohesive- same goes with drawing, or painting and so on. I personally find that my creative energy and output is most profound within the first few hours of waking up- any demons or negative self-talk are still too sleepy and subdued to distract me. If your schedule doesn’t permit that – give yourself a strict hour and a half to calm your mind after a long day, so you can jump right in your work with a clear, positive state.

In the end, looking at the bigger picture will push you forward. You can manifest anything and deserve a creative outlet that allows you to express yourself without the confines of society’s standard expectations and beliefs. You are your own creator and get to decide what you value and where you place your energy. But remember, nothing will be accomplished if you sit thinking about your passions, instead of pursuing them. Within a year, a month, or even a day, you can make huge strides in your creative skills and accomplishments! Balance your schedule so you have time for healthy creative expression. Contrary to your overwhelming thoughts, you have nothing to lose. Move forward, engage, and let your creative energy flow- and most importantly have fun, no strings attached!

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