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With inclusivity as their mission, DIGI-GXL is set to renovate the digital tech landscape

With inclusivity as their mission, DIGI-GXL is set to renovate the digital tech landscape

For women, non-binary, and trans folks, underrepresentation in most industries is an upsetting, unrealistic, and yet consistent reality. However, these groups are using the power of social media to build communities and strengthen individual connections. For the growing group of genderized people in the tech industry, this is where DIGI-GXL comes in. 

DIGI-GXL is an online community for women, non-binary and trans folk that blends activism and contemporary art, in efforts to create an inclusive platform in the otherwise male-dominated tech industry. The platform’s Instagram has over 10,000 followers, and focuses on uplifting, educating and showcasing digital designers.

Julia Salnikova

The online community was founded in 2019 by digital artist Catty Taylor, who noticed the shortage of representation for womxn working in 3D and animation. DIGI-GXL addresses the lack of visibility for gender marginalized people on the internet by offering a safe and inclusive platform. 

It can be daunting to enter a male-dominated industry as a woman or gender-fluid person, and without community building, it can lead to these demographics being isolated from each other or compared to one another. DIGI-GXL rejects the age-old thought that women need to compete with each other in order to thrive in a male-dominated field. Instead, the platform shows women who thrive on solidarity and collective support.

Elín Margot

Any gender marginalized person wishing to join can DM the DIGI-GXL Instagram page, which currently has around 250 members. Members establish trust, share ideas and teach each other new programs. By promoting genderized artists, DIGI-GXL has built a strong following of supportive creators who want each other to succeed. 

The platform’s goal is to end gender segregation in the tech industry by encouraging marginalized people to study the craft and become a part of the field. DIGI-GXL shows what can come when space is created specifically for genderized people to share their work, and how peoples’ creativity flourishes when they are a part of a safe and supportive community.

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