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Woven threads: 6 knitwear designers to watch

Woven threads: 6 knitwear designers to watch

With the emergence of innovative designs and silhouettes, knitwear has grown all the more popular of late. What was once primarily associated with at-home crafters has become a commodity amongst the high fashion crowd – proving that knits are just as versatile to wear as the techniques used to make them. More and more designers are showcasing knits for all seasons – and not just the typical chunky varieties made for bundling up in cold weather. Here are a few modern knitwear designers we’ve got our eyes on. 


Yo+ has the sexy summer knit aesthetic on lock. Designer Joma Segarra employs technology to make tantalizing knitted garments out of recycled plastic bottles and cotton. Segarra’s SS21 offers multi-textured pieces in a striking set of colors, such as vibrant cherry red and rich chocolate brown. Just imagine this: you’re heading on a warm vacation with a full knitted look in tow. Pairing the Virtual board shorts from Yo+’s SS21 collection with the High Definition bikini (don’t forget the Domain bag!) – to feel comfortable and chic as you enjoy some fun in the sun. All is well!

Julia Sabery

Londoner Julia Sabery recently displayed her graduate collection titled “Close the Loop” – which provides an insightful look at both the history and future of sustainable fashion practices. Featuring a selection of hand woven silk garments, Sabery dyed each item using natural materials like pomegranates, indigo, and turmeric. The designer also uses traditional Shibori techniques to dye the deadstock silk fabrics within the collection – yielding beautiful, gradient tie-dye clothing as a result. 


Exposed seams and trippy colorways elevate the woven wares of London designer and student ÀRÁMMÌDÉ. On the designer’s website, you’ll find an archive of strappy knitted dresses of halter – and strapless varieties that are made to hug curves in all the right places. There’s a delicate balance between the ribbed and loose knits, resulting in a mesmerizing look. With their massive editorial appeal, ÀRÁMMÌDÉ’s designs have been featured in Vogue Italia and Hunger Magazine

George Trochopoulos

George Trochopoulos’ knits are not for the meek. The shirred and striped bodycon knits sold by the designer leave little to the imagination – though it is easy to visualize all the possibilities of wearing Trochopoulos’ designs. For instance: the Illusion dress would look just as perfect layered with a bikini as it would on its own. There’s also the ribbed knit halters that are begging to be worn in a multitude of ways: from day to night, paired with shorts or a flirty skirt, or simply however you desire. With plenty of bold colorways and daring transparent options to choose from – you’re bound to stand out by sporting the London designer’s recent garments. 

Bailey Prado

Bailey Prado elevates the sensuality of crochet with a catalog full of frilly miniskirts, high-rise bodysuits and preppy, cropped co-ords. According to her website, the designer is inspired by the juxtaposition of formal wear with camp aesthetics. She ultimately provides customers with a unique blend of whimsical, feminine textiles. Each item is handmade to order and definitely worth the wait. Where else can you find sassy knits adorned with cutouts, grommets, and o-rings? For a true elaborate masterpiece, go all out with the designer’s knitted ruffle gown in a striking white hue.

Namita Khade

Central Saint Martins student Namita Khade has a refined, yet experimental approach to knitwear — blending different textiles to a stunning end result. Khade’s body-hugging knits typically feature an exquisite mix of knits and yarns — mohair and silk among them. Other striking details of Khade’s work include delicate beading and intricately tied knots that perfectly show off one’s natural assets. The Freshwater Pearl dress is a notable standout in the designer’s collection – winning over fashion lovers with its flattering, skin-baring cutouts. 

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