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Zendaya won an Emmy, and we’re totally euphoric about it

Zendaya won an Emmy, and we’re totally euphoric about it

Zendaya won her very first Emmy. This win is huge as she is a young, Black woman and is the youngest actress to win an Emmy for lead actress in a drama. She transitioned Disney’s Shake It Up to shaking up the industry. Her show Euphoria takes a deep dive in the issues that teens face that many would never be brave enough to confront. The show took viewers into the lives of teens that reflect so many real life tropes of adolescence. 

She was surrounded by a close-knit group of friends and family as she excitedly and gracefully accepted her well-deserved award. “This is crazy,” she says. She beat out critically acclaimed actresses Sandra Oh, Jennifer Aniston, Laura Linney and Jodie Comer (last year’s youngest winner at age 26) in the same category. “Thank you to all the other amazing women in this category. I admire you so much!” She’s also the second Black woman ever to win in this category. 

Her last remarks in her Christopher John Roger’s gown are none other than a young woman being humble about all that she has accomplished. “This feels like a really weird time to be celebrating. There is hope in the young people out all my peers out there doing the work, I see you, I admire you. Thank you.”

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