Millennial Avant-Gardes | Using the Eyes and Lips as a Canvas by @wiwien_jad

We are so excited to share our new article series titled “Millennial Avant-Gardes” in which we’ve asked some of the most inspiring women we’ve come across on social media to share their story and craft. This time we are sharing the work of Wiwien, aka @wiwien_jad.



Hello, my name is Wiwien! I’m a makeup enthusiast and a tattoo artist from Poland. After studying architecture and urban planning at a university in Poland for almost 2 years I decided to change my career path and moved to Berlin. At that time I was new in the city and I felt like I needed a creative outlet to truly express myself – something that could contribute to my vision of the art of makeup.

“Sometimes I like to call my makeup creations ’emotional’, as they often capture what I am feeling at the moment and thus tell you a story.”


I’ve always been passionate about painting so it felt natural to use my face as a canvas and combine mixtures of colours with different textures and layers of products. I started experimenting and continued to grow my own style and a social media following.


At first I got into the art of retouching and loved creating elaborate, exaggerated looks. But it was just a stepping stone for a more sensitive and moody kind of art. With time, while exploring the work of true icons from the industry and social media personalities, I noticed that I started being much more drawn to attainable natural makeup looks with graphic features. Sometimes I like to call my makeup creations “emotional”, as they often capture what I am feeling at the moment and thus tell you a story.

“It all comes down to being playful and connected.”


Makeup is all about your confidence and one of the last vestiges of individuality. It changes the way I feel, it reveals my mood and keeps me sane 🙂

As a makeup enthusiast I get to play with makeup mostly on myself and my friends which allows me to reach this pure joy of creating in a safe environment without any guidelines or limitations. It all comes down to being playful and connected.


I draw my inspiration mainly from my emotions, paintings, the colours and textures of nature, amazing IG galleries like @v93oo and my makeup idols: @patmcgrathreal, @peterphilipsmakeup, @thealexbox, @beasweetbeauty, and @ruthiebarone.

If You would like to ”feel” some of my makeup stories check out my little visual diary on Instagram @wiwien_jad.

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