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Eerie Settings & Bizarre Characters by Nadia Lee Cohen

It’s clear that the Nadia Lee Cohen aesthetic can be found just about everywhere – and she has only just begun.

Exploring House of Goya SS21

With a soft pastel palette and a bouncy vibe Goya made it her objective to highlight creativity with dancers

Campbell Addy is the Photographer educating, not irritating, and celebrating diversity

I come from an interesting place of belonging: we’re neither here nor there when it comes to our connection to places.

World tour: 6 female installation artists to celebrate

With so many creatives making stunning works of art out there, we often gloss over artists from the countries and faraway locations we have never visited.

Let’s stop “doing it for the gram”

It’s a list of the Do’s and Please Don’ts of ethical travel and why we should stop ‘doing it for the Gram’.

Natsai Audrey Chieza Is The Designer Learning From Nature

Since most of the ecological harm from the fashion industry occurs in the finishing and dyeing phase of clothes production, she set out to find new material systems that are not petroleum based.

Ovary-Action? Nope ‘Period Poverty’ Is Real and Here’s Why

Period Poverty is Everyone’s Problem. Period. And its time we all learnt a little more about it.

Yinka Shonibare And His Afro-Victorian Inspired Art Is Blowing Our Minds

Most notable for his dramatic sculptures that fuse European aesthetics with African textiles, Shonibare works with several mediums.

“If no one else is going to do it, I’m going to do it” – A Conversation with Gosia Piatek the founder of ethical fashion brand Kowtow

It’s just all about taking responsibility as a designer for the product you create. It should not be the responsibility of the consumer

More Than Food For Thought: A Guide To Sustainable Eating

Right now, there are around 7 billion people on earth. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. And unfortunately, not everyone ends up getting fed enough