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Paying Lip Service: 9 Bold Lipsticks for Summer

Paying Lip Service: 9 Bold Lipsticks for Summer

Every spring and summer I begin with the resolution that I will incorporate more color into my life, quickly imaging all the vibrant warm-weather outfits that await me. However, this usually ends with me sticking to my trusted uniform of denim shorts and white tees for the entirety of summer.  To stay true to my word this year I thought to start with a few baby steps. An easy way to  incorporate color into my everyday getup seems to be through makeup – lipstick in particular. Unlike eyeshadow I don’t have to be a pro at blending or own 20 goat hair brushes to get my desired look. One swipe and you’re go to go. The following lip colors deliver that adventurous punch we all desire this time of year and will be sure to add that “oomph” to any outfit. 

MATTEMOISELLE Plush Matte Lipstick in ‘One of the Boyz’ $18.00 USD

Fenty’s lilac lip color is essentially spring on your lips. The pretty pastel is subtle enough, as subtle as purple lipstick can get, for those not yet ready to venture out into the more abrasive colors of the rainbow. However, the playful color still offers that edge we all look for in a bright lip color. The matte formula is soft on the lips, and was inspired by a, “rose petal finish”, according to the Fenty website, making the end product super cushiony to wear. It comes in a sleek tube making it easy to carry around and re-apply as often you would your favorite lip balm. Another 10 points for Gryffindor… I mean, Fenty!

Melt Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in ‘Bang! Bang!’ – $19.00 USD

Melt is known for their beautifully pigmented products from their eyeshadows to their lipsticks they never fall short with their array of vivid and dynamic colors. Bang! Bang! easily falls into this category, the bright orange-red lipstick is here to bring the heat and will have you serving some serious “summer siren” vibes. The color is bright af, but there’s no need to be alarmed, because it pretty much looks amazing on everyone in any way. I mean a cute sundress with a pop of tangerine? Alone or outlined with a brown-ish lip pencil for an ombré effect? There’s really no wrong way to do this color.

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick in ‘Full Panic’ – $38.00 USD

Summer means festivals, concerts and non-stop outings in crowded places, to avoid the panic of getting lost one could easily opt for a safety reflective vest, but a fuchsia lip might be just as effective. Pat McGrath’s ‘Full Panic’ is rich with color and can easily be spotted in a sea of basic nudes, top it off with luxurious packaging and we are immediately drawn in. Not sparing any attention to detail the shiny black tube features a pair of gold lips and a pointed body that helps with razor sharp application. All very plush, all very Pat McGrath.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in ‘Insomniac’ – $19.00 USD

To honor all your poolside moments to come an aquatic colored lippy will be required. ABH isn’t restricted to the eyebrow game, their matte lipstick meet the needs of anyone craving burst of color. ‘Insomniac’ is an intense and vibrant color described as a ‘mint turquoise’ and delivers the feelings of sunbathing by your favorite rooftop pool – minus the chlorine.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick in ‘Poe’ – $19.00 USD

If you’re looking to cool things down Kat Von D’s glimmering navy may be calling your name. The glistening deep blue shade has the right amount of shimmer for a luscious lewk but won’t leave your lips looking overly metallic either. Best of all the creamy formula is super comfortable to wear all day or night. Perfect for any under-the-moon concert.

NYX Cosmetics Full Throttle Lipstick in ‘Lethal Kiss’ – $7.00 USD

NYX has a plethora of colored lipsticks to choose from, which is one reason their website is so much fun to browse. In addition to all the colors their lipsticks come in they are also offered in different finishes; metallic, suede, matte, creamy and glossy. ‘Lethal Kiss’ is a matte hot pink and part of NYX’s new waterproof collection making this shade beach friendly for the summer.

Tom Ford Lip Color in ‘So Vain’ – $54.00 USD

Easy to wear anytime and anywhere a pretty mauve is a must. It’s the perfect neutral for those days you’re not feeling a bright coral, but still want to give your lips a little life. And if you’re not feeling something super matte during the summer heat ‘So Vain’ has your back, the creamy finish will have you reaching for the color more often than not.

M.A.C Retro Matte Lipstick in ‘Ruby Woo’ – $18.00 USD

This one is probably already in your makeup bag and for good reason. ‘Ruby Woo’ is the go-to for any last minute plans – your trusted BFF when you’re leaving work and are in desperate need of an AM to PM switch. You can always count on ‘Ruby Woo’ to bring the drama to any outfit or look, which is why we always keep it close.

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in ‘Burn Notice’ – $26.00 USD

An earthy hue, ‘Burn Notice’ is reminiscent of the perfect summer road trip. The gorgeous brown instantly brings Joshua Tree adventures to mind and will have you packing your camping gear ASAP. The best part? Marc Jacobs Beauty claims 16 hour stay-on-power for this baby – time to put it to the test on your next desert outing.

by Carolina Ramos
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